Properties of Matter

Properties of Matter

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Isn’t it humerus that we live in a world of complete and utter chaos. Our entire existence is built upon a random sequence of events it would appear. However, how can we say this, thus, our world is lead by our own actions. In truth, I am a man of religion, even still I am a man of no bias. I love the art of science and discover. But nothing has ever plagued me more than the properties of matter and being. We are a race of destructive and compassionate creatures. Our existence is lead by faith and discovery. Even still, we are dumbfounded by the creation of matter. It is one of the most controversial sciences in our world. And we will fight about it until the end of our days. It is in the hopes of writing this short article that I may relieve the tension that this world has placed upon its self, through explaining some of the unbiased natures of matter and being.

Let’s being. What is matter and does it posses some sort of property? Well, matter is the physical form of being in it’s most indestructible[meaning that it cannot be broker down] forms. It comes in the form of what as a people have dubbed an atom.

What is an atom? It is the smallest piece of indivisible mass in our existence, as we have discovered thus far. It cannot be broken down, “technically.” Thus we’ve come to know that this cannot be true, because what happens when you divide an atom? You have then created and atomic explosion. An atomic devision causes the release of an intense amount of energy, but we have come to know that each and every thing in our world, whether it is living or not is composed of atoms. Thus if you dived and atom, you simply get trillions of atoms more. During this explosion, trillions of atoms are released, in this case we must take note that nothing exists with out atoms, thus, each atom after undergoing an atomic explosion has simply released a massive amount of atoms with an intense amount of force. Now we must note that a property of an atom is the ability to release quite literally “an insane amount of energy.” because what is matter but a mass of energy.

An intro to molecules. What is a molecule? A molecule is quite simply, a conglomeration of atoms. It is the creation of complex forms. In truth, an atom would be pointless unless some sort of molecular construction was possible. For example, two hydrogen and one oxygen atom combine to form H2O, or as most of us know, forms water. It is the elemental life energy that provides us with life sustaining nutrients that is our existence. Men will fight and die over some so simple as water.

[To be Continued…]