Preparing for a Storm

The most important factor here is preparation, preparation, preparation.Here’s what you need to ride out the storm…

Water – This is most important! You should have a gallon/per person/per day. This doesn’t mean you have to drink this much, but you must be prepared!
Instant juices – These powdered juices can help when you need a little sugar.
Juice – In a storm you definitely need to watch your diet, if you’re weak and have to leave your place..You may not get far. Juices help revitalize the body and are a tasty alternative to water.

Canned soups, vegetables, stews, and chili – These are great because you can eat them cold, or warm them up on a fire/grill. It’s hard to get your meat when in a storm, canned chili’s and stews help you to get that protein!
Fruit cocktail – It’s not quite as good as fresh fruit, but it will still give you that ‘fresh’ taste during a storm when it seems everything is canned or packaged.

Crackers – These are an instant hunger curb. They help keep you from pigging out before mealtime.
Trail Mix – Everyone knows trail mix is not only healthy, but rich in vitamins as well as antioxidants. They also give you a nice energy boost. Try getting trail mix with M&M’s in it for a little ‘comfort’

Alcohol – You need to keep your focus in case the storm worsens. Alcohol is a major no-no during a storm. It may help relieve the stress, and relax you, but you are putting you and your family at risk if you areintoxicated.

This is somewhat important believe it or not. During a storm there are elevated levels of stress, and if you want a twinkie you REALLY want a twinkie. Be sure to stock up on your favorite comfort foods prior to the storm to keep the stress level down, and everyone happy.

Flashlights – Grab a couple of these.. No one wants to walk to the bathroom in the dark.
Battery operated radio – If the power goes out, you need to know what is going on with the storm.
BATTERIES! – You wouldn’t believe how many people forget to buy batteries before a storm.
Cold resistant blankets – These help keep everyone warm, I believe they make them now to keep you warm in -60 degree weather. Make sure to have at least one for every member of the family.
First aid kit – Everyone needs one, you never know what can happen!
Socks, gloves, hats, earmuffs – Make sure everyone has at least 2 pairs of socks for each day (in case you need to double up your socks), as well as a pair of each other item.
Cash and change – In case you need to buy anything, credit cards probably won’t be accepted
Seasonal change of clothing, including sturdy shoes – Definitely needed! Sweaters, coats, leggings..
Shampoo & Conditioner – Everyone needs to wash their hair.
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Large trash bags – To throw away trash when needed, also for ‘bodily waste’ if needed.
Games, such as cards, and quiet toys – To have some fun.
Lighters & Matches – If you need to light a fire, these are definitely needed!

This list is just a ‘starter’. If you think of anything else while shopping, be sure to pick it up! Always write a list of what you need so you don’t forget anything. Remember – the things that you forget will probably end up being the things you need most. Remember to add the obvious to your list. Don’t forget, preparation, preparation, preparation.