Pondering Space and Time

Physicists the world over seem to have trouble with this subject, mainly I believe due to the fact of meditation defining and explaining some of what is inexplicable in terms of physics, of course it is explainable we just do not have the capacity yet for the correct explanation.

So then why meditation? In the 1960’s the practice of using drugs to reach the state of hallucinations began in the so called intelligent research of so called intellectuals in California, not sure if it was all California though that is not my point, mainly the use of LSD. Interesting thing about all that though is the Native American Indians had been using Peyote for years as a means of spiritual travel, but that is not the same as true meditation, as say Tibetan Buddhist meditation, or the practice of hatha yoga to raise kundalini energy in the spine.

Energy being the key term here, as it is the vibration of the universe that provides us with our energy, and the time space continuum is just a piece of this puzzle, or we could say time space continuum is a piece of the puzzle. If we think of the chanting which at times leads to meditation, it is the vibration of the sound of our own vocal ability which moves the energy, and most of us do not have the slightest idea or concept of what this energy is actually capable of, though from reading it can be or is one of the most powerful forces in the cosmos. We think of sound at times without wondering where it comes from, or how it reaches our hearing, though the sound from space in the study of astronomy is related, though that is also the time it takes light to travel, but it is the sound of the light in radio waves that is observed. Think of being able to get on the end of the sound and riding it back to the source it came from, space and time, or riding the sound further to where ever the destination is, in other words then we can travel in space and time, yet time is actually just mans’ concept, as in what is time, or what does it matter? Like dog years, seven years of theirs is one of ours, this is only physiology and or biology in relationship to molecular breakdown or metabolism, whichever we want to refer to, so what does the time really matter?

Time only matters in the notion of how long will it take to get from point a to point b in math or physics, we all know this, or most of us do if we are past a few years old anyway. In reality though in relation to meditation we can go into meditation and leave the physical body and travel in a few minutes to where ever we can imagine, hence the reference to the time being irrelevant and the inability of physics to answer the problem, which is not truly a problem, because in meditation obviously we make the choice to go where ever it is we choose.

The Tao of Physics is a great book to read in relationship to some of this, although I do not even begin to think I understand the physics. I just understand the concept from the study and practice of yoga, which by the way is not some weird cult practice, though most people today know this because more people actually began investigating the practice. Yoga is meant to unite the body, mind, and spirit with the one, or god, supreme being, the nameless, I am, whatever you may prefer. It is thousands of years old, perhaps one of the oldest practices in the world, which is I believe where the modern concept of religion came from, most likely somewhere in India, though that is just conjecture on my part, one day perhaps we will have evidence, not that it truly matters though. Point is the practice of Yoga will allow you to perhaps experience time space continuum in some way, which if is authentic will always be positive.

Modern religion though has corrupted the true practice of the sacred and spiritual practice of time and space, as in man thinking he rules woman. I bring this up because in the realm of time space and the spiritual, or our conscious mind, our thought process does not end at our tongue or even our thoughts that are not conceptualized by verbalizing them. This is why we need to be always mindful of what we think and what we speak, as in always think before you speak. Some scientists tell us our brains are just a mess of nerves and Grey matter, which physically is true, though in reality our brain and body our only a vessel for the consciousness to occupy in this moment in this space at this time, moment by moment. If not for the conscious mind the spirit and life would cease to exist and we would not be contemplating or pondering space and time or the dimensions that exist in space or the cosmos.

It is just not possible or even probable that we are the only living beings in the hugeness of the universe, I think it is more than a bit arrogant to even think such a thing, it is like thinking death is the end. Death is only another concept of consciousness, as when we leave the physical body at death our consciousness, spirit travels through space and time to find and choose a womb carefully, in order to practice until we get the concept correct, which most human sentient beings never do, in other words if we could become enlightened enough to join the god consciousness then we would not need to question our or gods existence, and we would know everything there is to know.