Pondering Space and Time

Notes on Space(collection)

I did a little reading. I found a writer on Helium suggesting that the universe was once the size of a grapefruit. I have written on the message board of the Barbados Museum that if the universe is expanding as some modern scientists think then the universe could once have been a very small place where an entity could have made a mistake or what and the universe as we know it started with an explosion. The Dogon peoples of Africa have said the universe started with an explosion, as I read. The writer on Helium who said that the universe was the size of a grapefruit said that its beginnings lacked space. That concept is hard to comprehend and the writer thought so. I figured he meant within the size but the size would have to occupy somewhere and that somewhere is space.
I have read too on Helium that mystics have always connected light with thought. I coupled light and thought in notes before by comparing the big bang to thought. Thought takes precedent in the cosmology of the Bambara. And so I asked if they were no human life how could light move at 186281 miles per hour in a vacuum? But in the linear thought, thought came long after light in the earthy sense unless there was thought before.
And so in philosophy, as I heard yesterday from a caller on Hugh Hamilton on WBAI, has no end. I guess because our life is cyclic and not linear. Every thing revolves, the earth, the sun, the universe. But if I am the universe and thought was before me then thought should be before the universe. I guess I am not the universe but a sun in the universe. And so around this sun is space, I became the light and space surrounds the sun and so my thought is I sense not to be the center I have to find one with a desirable space to put in the center of the sun, even if it’s an idea.

Space is black because of the absence of light. But what is sp ce? Sp ce seems to be a void except at times there are a few electromagnetic currents, I have read in the island of Barbados.
In the text before this, I said a writer had said that initially the universe was the size of a grapefruit. In Newsday in an essay on a book about the cosmos, it is said that the universe inflated to the size of a grapefruit.
Space seems critical to the universe being continued. It is said that our sun will burn out and collapse on itself. If it collapses on itself then it has to create some space at its core. For the time being the center of the sun is dense. But it is said that scientists have the celestial hypothesis that at the center of the Milky Way there is a black hole: therefore a black hole could be the center of the sun.
Space is defined at the Wikipedia site where it has been defined into several disciplines. It is that part of the cosmological consciousness that I am now dealing from a layman’s perspective. And so space is an entity that strikes as that which has no beginning or end. Space seems to be the medium by which all matter is transformed.
What about the way space is seen in other cultures. I’ll check cyber space?
According to Stephan Dahl: Western cultures focus on objects and neglect the space in-between – the Japanese on the other hand focus on the space in between, they call it ma, Hopi Indians do not have a name for a fix room. Western cosmologists are focusing on objects way out there, western cosmologists seem to have taken space to the max.
Humbly I am a Bajan, I enjoy doing little readings of what occupy some spaces. I always have a look at the cosmos even if it is for a second or two. Heh! Have you ever seen a pink sun?
A note
on space
signifying nothing( ).
Nothing: nonexistent and as space is my chief thought about nothing. Have you ever been on the outside in a place so black that you could not see the person sitting in proximity? Nothing is black and that blackness means it lacks light. That is an aspect of blackness that intrigues the boy. That nothingness is space and space is critical to the transformation of the material. I’ve never quite grasped the use of the term, space and time, in the context of when it has been written. Recently, I read an essay in Newsday – I think it was Newsday but it could be the New York Times- that time moves in one direction but I figure in our world it has to have space to do so.
So time is moving in one direction and it has to have the space to do so. Then time and space are together. Time in our case moves in a circle. Then if time and space are together and there is no beginning or end to space even as a concept, the same should follow for time. Then if time is cyclic in the sense of being circular or ecliptic one can follow the argument that time has no beginning or end (0).

Outside of the ecliptic or the cyclic that is also space besides the space that time is cycling through. So it could be that space is also independent of time. At this time I remember the first song I know, I could be back but I might get lost in the, “Stardust.”