Nuclear Power Good

Wind power is an alternative energy that can only work under certain conditions. Nuclear power has more positive benefits that we would see if we were to increase use than wind power and has less negative things about it. Nuclear power is easier to make than wind and there is more reliability in the energy than with wind.

Wind power has been seen as a big alternative energy source to the now used coal and gas. Wind is an alternative energy that works only under certain conditions, and those are that there must be wind blowing for the turbine to create energy. Only specific places in our beautiful country have enough wind to support a creation of energy that would support a community of people. The place has to be pretty flat because hills and mountains block the turbines from getting to the turbines. Tall buildings also get in the way so even if a city has a lot of wind, if it has many buildings the city isn’t fit to have wind turbines. Many good places lie in the Midwest and on the coasts. The mid west is used for a lot of the country’s farming, and its guaranteed that most farmers will not comply to give up their land to put wind turbines on. A “turbine farm” takes up a lot of room and one or two here or there would not create enough energy to support any one’s energy needs. On the coasts many people like to swim on the beaches or have homes on the cliffs. It would be more likely to get some land off of a coast, but there isn’t enough land unless every part of the coast could be used.

One benefit of using wind power is that it is environmentally friendly.

With all of those things getting in the way of using wind power its hard to actually want to use it, and even harder to rely on wind to supply our country with energy. Nuclear power has many benefits and very few obstacles to over come. With new technologies in the nuclear field using nuclear power to successfully power can not only be done, but is proven and risks wouldn’t have to be taken with our power supply.

A lot of people think of things like Chernobyl when we say nulcear power. To defeat your fears, that wasn’t the United States, it was the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union collapsed so is it really a surprise that they had a major explosion like the one at Chernobyl? We are the United States of America. Most things we do we perfect and leave no room for error. The first time in our country’s history that we have allowed anything different was in the past decade. Now we are track to a better country and with our eyes on the prize, now is the time to find out how good we can be with nuclear power.

With new advances in nuclear technologies new safety precautions have been made, and now nuclear power is an amazing thing. Nuclear reactors, the things that make the energy, are made in generations. The newest ones are called Gen. IV. Gen. IV is so amazing because they are built to take any grade of petroleum, which does not mean gas, but instead things like plutonium and uranium which can be used as a grade of petroleum. The ability to use any grade is good because if one starts to run out, or becomes too difficult to obtain we can switch to a better one. Another amazing thing is that Gen. IV has no waste. Most other reactors have a bi-product of waste which is created by the spent petroleum that is sent through the cycle. With Gen. IV nothing is sent out, if there is waste it is automatically sent right back through, no risk of radiation. The new safety precautions include the fact that the plants are built underground and with 12 foot or more thick concrete walls which could separate you from a medium sized bomb on the outside. The risk of a terror attack on nuclear plants is very minimal because we are now protecting our plants specifically from terrorists.

Gen. IV and the creation of is proven by Asia. In many Asian countries and parts of Europe nuclear power is used and this proves that this works on a large scale. As America dropped the idea of nuclear power the rest of the world kept pushing and finding answers. Which is how we have been able to use things like Gen. IV reactors.

Unlike wind plants, nuclear plants take up room under ground and there are no specific conditions that must be met with nuclear power. With Gen. IV technology we are actually expanding the limits with nuclear power, and soon with a deeper look into the power from the U.S. nuclear power could have no limits.

The use of wind power is a terrible idea compared to nuclear power. Wind power has so many flaws and limits where as nuclear power over comes those limits and flaws, and has a long list of benefits. Nuclear power is just over all a better source of energy to put the hands of our country’s power in.