Explaining Biodiversity Loss

I guess the question is: are humans at fault? Or rather, is it the normal course of the Earth’s life (as any life for that matter) to exhibit change?
The first view, is to me rather anthropocentric. Yes, we are the top predators, the moulders of our planet as we know it. It is us who chop down trees and kill whole forests, who still blast coral reefs with dynamite to get but a few fish, even when the pervasive and nefast effects of these activities have long been proven. Our attention to ecological matters and conservationist issues has been driven since the 1960s, and still, progress is quite slow. So, is it our fault?
I believe it is easy to say it is. Yes, many times, I imagine Mr. X, signing a document allowing parts of the Amazon to be chopped. Even in the 1950s, I have a hard time giving Mr. X a naive character, as to what the outcomes might be. But then again, it is only through trial and error that we learn. And yes, technologies and material progress was indeed (and still is..) perceived as the central point around which the whole universe revolves. It is only recently (last 4 decades) when some of us have started to realize that the little pieces of paper, even when filled with important images like that at Queen Elizabeth or Simon Bolivar, are just that. Their purpose in an ultimate devoid of biodiversity scenario? A quick 5 minute fire, at the most.
So, it is and it is not humans who are at fault.
I think most of the time in the bigger picture. As I myself am a being, so is the Earth. Indigenous people around the world have realized this long ago, and have named it Mother Earth, and cared for it, listened to it, talked to it. Now, I am not trying to make you believe in the spirit of Gaia or anything of the sort. I am just saying that when I look at the bigger picture, humans are not the all controlling masters. Could it be that we are only passers by and that these catastrophe of biodiversity loss, is but a chain of events that will continue until the earth attains true chaos, and from it can rise again? Does the earth want a fresh start?
I can tell you many times I feel like one. Like when I pack a suitcase and decide to move. Far, far away, as if things elsewhere will be better. Change, transitions, it is all there, its the only true thing we have.
But these ideas are not my novelty, they are just reshaped in my words. Its up to you, to ask the questions and gather your own view. Why and how and when did biodiversity loss happen? Do some research and see what you come up with. For now, to me, the only way to go is to be proactive, to refuse involvement in nature’s destruction and give biodiversity loss a halt. Its no use trying to explain, and as to many questions, the answer we might never get. Take little steps, like shopping with the same nylon bag at the supermarket, and saying no to plastic!, or buying organic veggies or less cotton shirts.
Become part of the answer, and then maybe one day, we can say, Oh! it was the Earth, shaking us away.