Nature of Miracles

Can miracles be explained scientifically? Interesting, and I think the short answer is yes. I believe that in some cases that miracles are just things that happened that we didn’t understand. I was watching a show on the History Channel recently called Battles B.C where they were going through all the miracles that Moses pulled off, and how in reality they were perfectly explainable. I think most miracles are in the pen of the story teller.

The reason I think we can explain most miracles scientifically is because I believe that most people will embellish a story to get it into the press, or gain attention for themselves. I won’t say that everyone is like this, and I know there is a large majority of people who experience things that they probably really can’t explain. However, how miraculous is it when you think you see the face of Jesus in your grilled cheese?

The only reason I would say that science can’t explain away a miracle is because miracles are really a matter of faith. You either believe that you have been a part of a miracle, or you don’t believe so. It is hard for someone who has been through something that has no other explanation to believe that it wasn’t a miracle.

I have heard a lot of stories about people who claim that they have had cancer go into remission for no reason, or they thought they heard a voice tell them to make a left, and sure enough they step out of the way of an oncoming car. Is this the work of God, or is this just dumb luck and human instinct?

If you say that you saw the Virgin Mary, and no one else was around to verify your claim, who am I to tell you that you didn’t see the Virgin Mary? I would probably be skeptical, and imagine that you were probably just imagining things, or were dreaming it. However, if it has some impact on your life that is positive then why not just run with it?

Can science explain away a miracle? I don’t think so, but I don’t really know what a miracle is. Is a miracle an act of God, or just something that we don’t understand. I don’t think we can answer the first question until we can answer the latter question. Or maybe that was all part of God’s plan in the first place.