Miracles Scientific Explanation

Miracle – that’s a word to define something – an event or occurrence – extraordinary that our mind cannot readily associate with our every day perceptions. Miracles usually awe and amaze us and happen with seemingly no rational or logical explanation. Religious teachings have taught us to accept extraordinary happenings as Divine, emanating form a Supreme Godly figure. That is well true but for miracles to materialize there has to be some kind of mechanism that would translate such events into our present reality. But can miracles be explained scientifically my answer would be yes. How better to illustrate it than by some examples.

One example of what was considered a miracle is raining frogs and fishes. There have been numerous divine interpretations of this. I would like, however, to offer a more scientific explanation. We know for a fact that there are tornados and whirlwinds that are highly powerful. At the centre of these natural phenomena there is a vacuum for it could not exist without one. Now a vacuum sucks up air and matter from its surroundings. Imagine a tornado going over a lake or river and creatures like frogs and fishes getting sucked in there and thrown high into the air where they meet with strong air currents which carry them far from their habitat into areas where they are unlikely to be found, say in the middle of prairies or populated areas. As the wind force dwindles and with gravity pulling down they eventually land in such unlikely areas. Now we humans are accustomed to seeing rain, hail and snow from the sky, certainly not fishes and frogs. Seeing frogs and fishes falling on our rooftops or environment would be considered a miracle for it is predicted in the Holy Books.

We all have come, at some point of our lives, across stories if not personal accounts of apparitions or ghostly figures, specters and the like. How can we explain apparitions? One possible answer is that when a person passes over they are in a state of higher vibrations or are vibrating at a speed greater than light which we are used to. High vibrations means shorter wavelength, and therefore invisible to the naked eye – but nevertheless present in another sphere of existence. Now the dead as we say are believed to be trying to either help us from the other side or come to terms with their emotions from our present existence or their previous existence. They night chose to manifest themselves to us and to do so have to reduce their vibrations in order to appear to us so we can see; which is also why apportions seem blurred and hollow.

Another form of miracle is recovery from life threatening diseases. These are deemed miracles. We all know that all that is in the universe is made up of energy. For any living creature to remain healthy it is important that the energy centers present in our body be in harmony. Eastern traditions teach us that we all have energy points or chakras. When these chakras are out of balance we fall ill. When we fall ill we want to get better and our state of mind is different to when we are healthy. We pray and address prayers. Praying is the sending of positive vibes to Who we believe to be God, a Pure and Sacred Father head in the hope our prayers will get answered. As science says all actions have an equal and opposite reaction. Can it be that by sending positive vibes we also receive positive vibes that re-aligns our energy centers suddenly curing us?

We sometimes tend to neglect the basics of the mechanics that enable us and the world around us to exist. We tend to dissociate ourselves from nature and call it rationale and logic. I think all that we see as miracles are in fact a combination of different forces some visible and some more subtle, that enable us to see things differently to our normal perceptions. Nothing exists independently all is intertwined only our thinking isn’t just as open yet as to admit other possibilities. We need to depart from our traditional ways of thinking and explore new possibilities all the while keeping our judgment sane.