Low MPV and High MPV: What does it Mean

MPV test

What is MPV in a Blood Test?

It is your duty to take care of yourself and make sure that your body is performing at its best. You have to make sure to take regular trips to the doctor to identify if your organs are still functioning properly. Tests may be performed to ensure this. Blood is probably considered one of the most important parts of a human being. It transports the needed oxygen to live and stores the nutrients to be a healthy person. It is imperative that we make sure it is in its best functioning state.

Tests are often performed to identify any abnormalities that may be found in your blood. The test commonly carried out for this is called Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test. CBC will be able to tell you specific blood component levels, one of which would be the Mean Platelet Volume or commonly referred as MPV. It found in a blood test would signify the size of the platelet which indicates the platelet functionality. It is also important to note that there are two different type of platelets, the larger and smaller platelets, the former more granulated than the other.

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What Does it Mean – Low MPV and High MPV

A complete blood count test is completed to know the MPV of the blood. Platelets are a critical component of the blood that involves in the clotting process. The MPV, therefore, let us see the average size of the platelets in a person’s blood. This would show the relationship production and destruction of the said platelets in particular., knowing that the MPV shows the platelet’s average size it would enable us to see if the level is normal or abnormal for a certain individual.

Standard Range of MPV Blood Test

The average range should be at 7.5FL to 11.5FL. The abbreviation ‘FL’ stands for femtoliter which the term for the platelet calculation. There are also times that the femtoliter may reach a higher range. Some people would have an MPV range of 9.7 to 12.8 FL. This level is still safe as long as it corresponds to the spheres level accordingly.

What Does a Low MPV Mean?

There are specific times where the MPV blood test level is too low. This connotes to different things, and it is a good to know knowledge to not cause panic and know the next steps.

  • It is a normal occurrence

This fact applies in particular in the case of women in the initial days of her menstruation. Low MPV is also observed for newborn babies. The woman who just gave birth merits the opposite, though.

  • Viral Infections

Low MPV count may also signify a viral infection. One specific example is AIDS. It is best to have it check to know any other underlying conditions.

  • Genetic disorders

Patients with anemia are likely to experience low count of MPV. Other genetic disorders like leukemia and rheumatoid arthritis may also experience the same result.

  • Medicine intake

Intake of specific drugs like heparin also constitutes to the low blood count. Undergoing anticoagulant therapy may also be a reason.

  • Thrombocytopenia

Thrombocytopenia is the condition wherein a person experiences excessive hemorrhage in blood, and the coagulation process is delayed. This diagnosis is directly connected to the low level of MVP.

What Does a High MPV Mean?

MPV level may also rise due to its destruction and should be taken care of as well. There are numerous reasons behind this abnormal increase of MPV.

  • Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a bleeding disorder wherein the person platelets are destroyed. The destruction of these platelets are considered normal for blood clotting, but if the individual has low platelet count, ITP may be an unwanted result.

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

This condition is an acute inflammation of the digestive tract. Rise level of MPV might happen when a person is diagnosed with this illness.

  • Bernard-Soulier syndrome

Diagnosed patient with Bernard-Soulier syndrome has a hereditary platelet disorder where the giant platelets and qualitative platelets resulting in bleeding.

  • Mmyeloproliferative diseases

This disease is centered on a person’s bone marrow, wherein the blood count of a patient would rise automatically.

False MPV Results in Blood Test:

Some circumstances may lead to incorrect MPV reading. This may be due to improper handling of the blood samples. Mishandling of the blood during the test may result in the destruction of platelets thus rendering a different result.

It is essential that you go to a laboratory that is known for accuracy and proper handling. This precaution would not only save you the time but the panic it may bring as well.

The blood is often called the lifelines of a human. It has so many functions that aid our body and let us live healthily. Performing regular tests to make sure there is nothing wrong is always advised. The blood platelets help us heal faster, and so any abnormalities should undergo treatment to achieve a balanced and healthier lifestyle.