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Passive-aggressive personalities are people that pretend to comply with the rules, desires or needs of others, but passively resist in the same breath with their actions. In the process, the person becomes increasingly hostile and angry when you react to their actions especially if you point out that they are doing it on purpose.   

People with this disorder resent responsibility and show it through their behaviors, rather than by openly expressing their feelings. They often use many of the following symptoms to avoid doing what they need to do.

Avoiding responsibility by claiming forgetfulness 

Being inefficient on purpose

Blaming others

Feeling resentment

Having unexpressed anger or hostility


Resisting other people’s suggestions

Resentment Ambiguity

Chronic lateness and forgetfulness

Not expressing hostility or anger openly

Making excuses and lying   

Fostering chaos 

 It becomes extremely hard to deal with these people due to their actions never match what they are saying.  Often they talk in extremes, if you do something once it becomes you always do it.   Typically they avoid all direct conflict preferring to get back at people thru other avenues making it difficult what they really mean.  These patterns of behavior often cause stormy relationships with family and co-workers alike. 

 They are always the victim that no one understands.   The more you are not able to figure them and their point out the more argumentative they become.  They will take a situation and make excuses for their behavior and still want to place blame others for the argument. 

 The more people with disorder dislike the task they are doing the more road blocks they will find to not do it.  They will fail on purpose so they will not be counted to do such a task ever again.  They have no problem lying to your face that they will do task XYZ and even act excited about it.  Then tell everyone else how horrible you are because you wanted XYZ.  They act surprised when you confront them about doing something they did not want to do, saying, well I wanted to make you happy.  Then crucifying them as soon as they turn around leaving you bewildered and wondering exactly what the truth is.  

 People with passive aggressive behavior are hard to trust especially when their actions do not match what they are saying.  They enjoy fostering chaos and keeping people off balance so they don’t know what way is up mean while deflecting attention off them selves. Passive aggressive traits make any relationship with them difficult from the get go.  Often they portray themselves as meek, mild and misunderstood when in reality they are often vicious vindictive people who have no problem stabbing you in the back.