Measuring the Health of the Worlds Oceans

We all need and use the ocean whether we live in the Pacific,in Africa,Amsterdam ,Paris or New York or Tokyo the ocean has a vital influence in everyday life.

It contribute an estimated seventy per cent of our oxygen and it also removes a significant amount of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

The salt industry is raking in millions of dollars a direct product of the ocean.The next time you use the table salt at home think of where it comes from.Indeed the beautiful ocean.

About half of the worlds population live within one hundred miles of the ocean.Nearly one sixth of the worlds population relies on fish as the main source of protein.Indeed it is one of the healthiest protein source for human today.

The fishing industries is thriving today because fish is available freely in the ocean.However more effort should be made to increase awareness on the damages the fishing industry is doing to our ocean resources.For example the killing of whales by Japanese trawlers.The use of drift net should be banned if we are really serious about our ocean and its resources.

Indirectly or directly we are all link to the ocean.The rain that falls,the water that we drink and bathe in all are linked to the ocean.

The increase in population and developments the world over has made the ocean a dumping ground.Discharge of oil,nuclear waste,plastics and other debris like chemical containment causes wide range of impact.Ocean marine organism are being infected by these discharges.

In addition run off from urban streets and agricultural fields,oil drilling’s installation and sewage treatment plants are also polluting our beloved ocean today.I was watching television this week and I am encouraged by the effort by the government of China on banning the use of plastic bags for shopping.Most of these plastics bags ends up in the ocean and suffocating the fishes.

Many commercial fisheries are also responsible for adverse impacts on non-target species and on marine habitats.Global effort to stop drift netting and whale killing should be encouraged.All governments should take this matter seriously.

Scientist and writer Arthur Clarke said that the ocean covers seventy one per cent of the planet surface and given its depth accounts for over ninety five per cent of life supporting space.

Without the ocean the earth would be very hot during the day and frozen at night.I just can not imagine living in a world like that.Thank God for the ocean!

Let us all work together to stop polluting our ocean.Let us support our environment non-government organization who are doing a wonderful jobs around the globe on ocean protection and awareness pro-grammes.

Our livelihood and our generation to come depended on it.I just can not imagine what life would be like without the ocean and its abundant resources like fish and others.