Lucid Dreaming Explained

This is for those who are lucid dreamers, or whoever would like to start it. A very simple yet, interesting idea. Lucid dreaming, basically keeping your mind in control, awake, while dreaming. Now why would you want to do that, you might ask. Isn’t the whole point of sleeping and dreaming to get some rest. Yes, it is, but wouldn’t you like to have control, over YOUR dreams. Make it YOUR own world. A place where nothing is impossible.

For starters, it is always said and you should do this.

1) Keep a dream journal. A notebook, a sketchbook, no, not your laptop or computer.
– Keep this journal by your bed, or wherever you sleep, i like my couch more than my bed since it is more comfortable for me, so i keep the journal right under it. The first step to mastering lucid dreaming is to be able to recall your dreams. Train your mind to remember your dreams. When you wake up, without talking to anyone, right away, pick up the journal and write whatever you recall. DO NOT start off writing an elementary school essay ” today, i dreamt about…”
write bullet points, create a list. sketch something. anything that will help you remember the dream.

Do this every time until you start to clearly remember your dreams. After a while, it will become a habit so you don’t really have to remind yourself to keep the journal.

2) Before you start off pulling crazy stunts and having fun, please, make sure you are dreaming in the first place. Because I am sure that the judge will not buy the idea of you thinking that you were dreaming.
– There are many ways to check and see if you are dreaming or not. You will figure out many more yourself as time goes by. One is to always look around and see where you are, you might be living in Los Angeles, but next thing you know you are in New York, or somewhere you have never been to. Obviously you are dreaming. Or, you might have been blacked out and kidnapped to a different country. That is always a possibility.
– Another is to see who you are with or around. You might be with friends that you have not seen or talked to for years, but suddenly you guys are together and it seems like no time has really passed since the last time you were together.
– those are just a few of the things you should watch out for. Once you get that down, you will suddenly send a signal to your brain saying, Wait a minute, THIS IS A DREAM. Than you are on your own, in your own world.

3) After you have made sure that this is a dream. TRY THINGS OUT.
– its your dream, your world, your rules. Enjoy, have fun, and keep track of things.