Lost Anti Matter

0N THE MATTER OF ANTI-MATTER, What is hidden where?

The writer, noting a “Hidden-half-of-existence” below a radius of 4.7 x 10^-19 cm., and the possible creation of alternate universes resolves the ‘lost anti-matter problem of our universe ” to his own satisfaction.

Re: Matter and Anti-matter.

Every one has heard of Matter and Anti-matter. Matter is made up of electrons and protons and anti-matter is made up of anti-electrons and anti-protons. When anti-matter and matter come together to meet they mutually annihilate to form pure energy. That is the commonly accepted picture. The reality may be not quite that simple, and, possibly, more interesting.

There is a distinction in science between something which is dubbed “Matter” and “Anti-matter.” Matter is made up-for the most part- of electrons and protons while anti-matter would consist of the corresponding “anti-particles.” There seems to be a problem, however, as to whether anyone has actually observed an anti-matter atom or molecule. The writer does not personally know of any reports of anti-Hydrogen or anti-Helium, etc.

There is a rather extensive writeup available on the Internet of a theory called “Dominion Cosmology” which does a quite logical development of a Cosmology based on the premise that matter and anti-matter have a property of mutual repulsion. There is, also, an interesting 2006 news release that the “Beta sub 2” particle vibrates (oscillates) between matter and anti-matter.

Let us look at the whole problem of “The Lost Anti-Matter of Our Universe.” from the viewpoint of the Oscillator/Substance Model.

[For those who are unfamiliar with the O/S model, the following short introduction is given. O/S Model postulates existence as within a substance at/near its triple point, which is made up of (or organized into) oscillators /oscillations defined by the family set, {m x r = h/c = r x m}. That is, they-the organizational units-have a constant torque of h/c, Planck’s Constant divided by the speed of light, and since the absolute values of m and r are interchangeable, and at an average value would be equal to each other and to (h/c)^0, all of these oscillators can be considered to invert through values of about 4.7 x 10^-19 g. at 4.7 x 10^-19 cm. ]

If the “O/S” Model be valid, the problem of Matter/Anti-matter, is tied closely to the presence of oscillators as the organisational units of reality. Oscillators/oscillations within a substance can be classified into three general categories. (At least, that is the way this writer classifies them.) All three categories will appear as disturbances of a spherical form, but their “motion senses” will be different. The simplest category, which we shall call a Type 1 Oscillator would be a true sphere, inverting through an inner sphere- in our Model, the inner sphere would be as defined above-from an outer limit of maximal size and minimal measurable “mass,” and an inner limit, also a sphere of minimal size and maximum “mass.”

[Size is easy to understand. Mass, however. does not ever seem to have been given any true definition. As used here it will mean the pressure/tension between an entity and the rest of the “Substance of Existence” as measured at a point on the boundary between the entity and the “Rest.” The more the concentration of motion within a space, the larger will be the measured mass. For a Type I Oscillator, indeed for any of the oscillators, the smallest mass would be corresponding to the largest size, and these would be the values which will be found in our “Reality,” if they can be measured. It appears that most Type I Oscillators may go totally undetected.]

A Type 2 Oscillator could be called a “Toroidal Pseudo-Sphere.” The total space occupied would be spherical, but the sphere would have, at any given instant, an axis of rotation and an equator. This type would invert through a circle rather than a sphere, and can, with sufficient motion content added to it develop counter rotating halves and, eventually, spit into two Type 3 oscillators

‘ Type 3 oscillators would be always be formed in pairs having opposite senses of rotation/pulsation (inversion). The best known of these sets are the negatron-positron pair, also known as the electron and anti-electron. Type three oscillators because of their effects in the Substance being opposites are known as “charged particles.” Here is where the matter/ anti-matter concept arise. A unit of once rotation/inversion pattern is the negative charge, the reversed pattern is the positive charge. If the two patterns are of the same oscillation limits, they can rejoin with loss of energy in what is known as “annihilation.” If, however, the oscillation limits are different, the two units may associate in may ways, but, do not rejoin to form a Class I or Class II oscillator/oscillation.

In our universe. we have an observed unit, the neutron, which splits in to “halves” which are not identical, these halves, the proton and electron can associate to form may things, but do not rejoin to the neutron, nor can they rejoin to what one may call a “zerotron,” a unit which is can be postulated as a Class I oscillator which can be split to an electron/anti-electron pair or deformed into a neutron which then splits into an electron and a proton.

The proton and electron are considered as matter particles as they have apparently indefinite lifetimes in our Universe. The reversed particles would be anti-matter, having indefinite lifetime in an alternate universe having some reversed sense. In O/S thinking, our universes has one rotation/pulsation orientation which is compatible with the rotation/pulsation orientations of the electron and proton. At the instant of inversion, or splitting, wherein our Universe emerged there would have been a complementary Anti-Universe also emerge. This can be used as one explanation for the lack of observation of “Anti-Matter” in our Universe.This, in the main is very possibly correct. However, there is another explanation.

It may well be that the idea of Matter/Anti-matter is an over simplification, and that, in essence, the halves of nature exist in both universes. It, also, may be noted that the idea that matter and anti-matter will annihilate on contact may be in error. If matter and antimatter more complex than the simplest opposites, were to be formed in our Universe there would be slight differences due to orientation to the rotational characteristics of our universe, the exact “orientation fit” necessary for the “Yin-Yang” rejoining necessary for “annihilation” might be difficult. It is known that the positron-negatron pair exists for a period of time as a “Hydrogen type molecule” before combining with loss of energy.

Incidentally, it may also be noted that the usual statement that there are “s two photons emitted at 180 degrees” seems a misapprenhension to this writer. A point radiator will radiate one pulse in a spherical pattern. In the case of the “annihilation” recombination, what would be emitted would be one pulse, “photon” at 360 degrees. It could be detected as “two photons at 180 degrees,” but this would actually be only one “energy” pulse.

It makes sense in terms of our oscillators to consider that what we observe is the maximum size, minimum mass part of any given oscillator, the size being greater than 4.7×10^-19 centimeters and the mass less than 4.7×10^-19 grams. There being another “half” to the proton, or the electron, or any other oscillator which we can observe which is smaller the the values quoted above but grater in mass. That is , every component of our existence has a duality. The ‘anti-” half of the electron “hides” at a size smaller than the “4.7 limit” as does the other half of the proton, which could be considered as a different form of an “anti-electron.” [It can be shown, mathematically, that if an anti-electron were slowed to about 1/42 of its velocity in a given direction, with all of that linear kinetic energy converted to internal rotational-vibrational energy, i.e, “Mass,” it would become a proton .

The conclusion of all of this is that the answer to where is the antimatter which was created here in our universe is, if you consider anti-matter as having been created in our universe, most of the anti-electrons didn’t get created here, protons showed up instead, Also, since there is another half to everything, which we do not normally observe one could consider that the other half is hidden there. As long as the oscillators in our Universe stay in their most usual patterns, there is little observation of what are called Matter-Anti-Matter type interactions. Only on unusual happenings do we get glimpsed of the “other side of existence.”

The processes of positron ejection in certain types of “nuclear decay” and ‘annihilation” and “pair-production” offer glimpses of the hidden, unknown parts of existence. Consideration of that possible, hidden half of oscillators, and of the possible ubiquitous presence of the “zerotron” predecessor of both positrons and negatrons and neutrons. could lead to a whole new view of Reality.