Llamas Diet

Llamas are interesting animals used as pack animals in the Andes and other areas throughout South America. They are a camelid, a type of even toed mammal that goes along the lines of the family of camels, some cattle, pigs, hippos, goats and even antelope. These animals are popular as pets and children in the Incan areas enjoy to have them for a ride out of town and to hold their belongings. These mammals are quite interesting looking and unique because of their strong prowess for their somewhat demure looking size, although they can reach up to six feet!

Llamas are known for their diet of eating almost everything and anything! Baby llamas, called cria, need the proper nutrients to grow as big as their adult counterparts and as such, they need proper diet needs and nutrition. They need more nutrients than other mammals their size because of their very linear digestive track and it can cause problems if they eat things such as dried grass, which provides no health pros for them.

Although Llamas can live by and feed by fresh water and different kinds of grasses available to them, it isn’t too recommended because of their proper needs. Hay is something also can munch on especially if it is for a pet llama. But they cannot eat too much, about twelve pounds of hay should do the trick for one day and none more. But having fresh water around as they eat their hay is pretty mandatory since the dryness can irritate their throats. A treat for a llama is definitely a mineral or salt block.

It provides them with such vitamins like calcium and selenium, something they need for their bodies the most. Llamas cannot lick very well on salt blocks so they need smaller ones to place in their mouth, too big a block and they won’t even come near it. They also like to feed on types of grains and vegetables such as corn, wheat, and even rice. Alfalfa and broom grass is something they are used to eating in the wild and can grow accustomed to it very easily while detained in farm lands.

The thing about llamas is that they will eat anything that can come their way, they are not picky eaters by any means and they actually do not need to eat a lot of protein. Llamas mainly strive for grains and grass with the occasional salt lick.