African Wild Cat Diet

The African wild cat is a species of cat that is quite small and actually looks much like a domesticated type of cat! They are also called the desert cat, since they have a near cousin who lurks around the Arabian desert areas. These cats may look like a sandy brown colored and striped domesticated cat, but they are truly wild and fearful of human beings and other larger animals in their dusty habitat.

The only distinct differences of these small cats is that their fur is significantly shorter than other breeds of cats such as their relations to the European cats who have longer fur, even domesticated cats have a longer fur variation as well. These African wild cats often lurk around the savannah in brushes, bush land and other parts of Africa’s dry areas. They also branch out as far as the Middle East, hiding into Cyprus. This provides quite the big diet for the cat and they eat a variety of small animals and insects.

The wild cat is actually a carnivore, they feed on mostly meat and when they are a little bit more than just hungry, they will then feed on the dry plants and weeds until more food comes through in their terrain. Their favorite meal is a field mouse and other types of mice that run around in the desert areas, such as sand mice. They try to find the borrow holes and wait for their prey to leave. Not only do they eat mice, but rats as well, in fact any kind of rodent that crosses their path might be a susceptible meal.

They also feed upon small birds and can eve look through a bird’s nest in a shrubbery for some eggs or baby birds nestled within. Small reptiles like lizards, baby snakes, etc. will find their way inside the cat’s belly as well. Small frogs, albeit not the poisonous variety is also something they will eat if food is scare in their surroundings. These cats also mainly stay by small areas with water to keep hydrated and usually find their food at the same place and time as well.

If food is more scarce than usual, they will eat insects and other bus like beetles and stick insects as well as the larvae. African wild cats have a very small diet and they have a somewhat wide variety, they do not eat much and most of the time will find the proper nourishment they need to continue on.