African Wild Cat Habitat

African wild cats are a steady species that are found all across most of the African plain, as well as traveling towards the middle east. These cats live in the desert and are known for being shy around other types of animals, minding their own business. The thing about the African wild cat, is that they tend to look like domesticated cats, except they have a rounder face and bigger eyes, as well as smaller triangular eyes, which gives them a somewhat doe eyed and cute appearance.

These cats are often a beige color, or even an off orange, like a tabby house cat. They have small noses and a curious face that allows them to check out their surroundings. These cats have a vivid habitat, although mostly in hot and dry areas, their migration can even be found all the way in eastern and northern Europe, where they have evolved into a different form of wild cat, now their cousins. Most African wild cats are found in northern Africa where they have taken the name, savannah cat.

They can be found in much of bush land as well, where they can hide out from many a predator and keep birds of prey at bay. They most likely like to sleep at times in the bush land, since its low detection is key for them to hide and wait. They are also seen at many marshland spots, since this is where they get their main source of drinking water. They most likely keep a low key appearance at these places, since they know many other animals take up these marsh lands and water drinking points as well, which means predators are abound for them.   

The great steppes and plateaus are also areas where the African wild cat can be spotted. These big plains are full of lush grass for them to slink low in and keep heir balance up. They can also be found, believe it or not, somewhere that is not so dry, and that is the African rainforests more towards the south. In here they found a more lush environment but not a good place to camouflage themselves with their dusty coat, more or less its a good spot to keep relaxed and cooled from the hot desert sun. These cats are found all over the Middle East and Africa so they are quite easy to spot, even for tourists.