Link between Science and Astrology Astrology and Modern Age is Astrology Scientific

Taurus:  Look for a new opportunity, signs indicate intimacy mid week, be open minded during a short trip, number nine will pay big.  Sounds great!  But astrology is not a science; it is a system of very wishful thinking.  In their origins, however, there is a common thread.

The connection between astrology and astronomy began thousands of years ago in the middle east.  People actually did know the skies and their patterns better than they do now, and they at least in part recognized that weather, and therefore maybe stars, could produce signs and omens that could be helpful to predict future events.

Today, meteorology is a well recognized science, as is climatology, but knowing the sky is much more complex and technologically sophisticated than it once was.  Astronomy too, is an advanced and proven science.  It is more and more commonly becoming known as cosmology. Now, not just the constellations and planetary motions are studied, but much more.

At Christmas, most people are well aware of how the wise men the the star in the sky that led them to the manger of Jesus in the biblical story.  But long before that, wise men, or ancient scientists studied and read the stars.  Separating superstition from science is still an ongoing and current past time for many.

That said, it is impossible to say there is nothing to Astrology. There is no evidence that the stars millions of light years away will affect Tuesday’s lunch, but, since YOU are human, and since YOU are aware Astrology exists, it could very well influence an outcome.  This is because the power of suggestion works very well on our psyche. 

To do a little thought experiment, say you are born under the sign of Leo.  Your cousin immediately buys a royal crest spoon, and booties. Others see your little crown t-shirt and coo about a born leader. People continue to contribute to your little monarchy. Someone realizes you are also a born actor, so lots of laughter, hand clapping, and smiles reinforce you every time you kick, or tumble, or make funny faces.  It is not hard to imagine, that even unconsciously, people are reinforcing a certain pattern they think they see, and that you unconsciously, may pick up on it.  Has any one gone years of their lives without no subtle prejudice sinking in somewhere in the tiny cracks of their easily influenced psyches?

Another way people are influenced by the stars is that they too are carbon born of the stars.  There is of course a huge difference between astrology and astronomy, but like alchemy and chemistry, their very ancient beginnings were fairly well muddled together.

Language links people to the stars.  They say the sun sets, when clearly it is the earth that rises. If they cannot, on a very Basic English language level, be very accurate about what they really mean, who is to say what anyone is thinking when they say “the stars are just not aligned on this romance, house hunt, career move, stage debut, or so on.”  They may be picking up on some subtle and unconscious knowledge somewhere.  The only thing Science can really be certain of is that the odds are astronomically against the probability that Gemini going retro, or not, had anything whatsoever to do with it.

The connection to science was very strong at first in both astronomy and astrology, but when they diverged, they diverged on star steered paths that continue to intrigue and enlighten.