Legends about Mars

Men are from Mars’ may be truer than what we first consider. Certainly the writer understood Mars represented the male gender; power, physical stamina, drive and aggression; and in health Mars rules the sex organs, muscular system, the kidney, bladder and inflammatory conditions.

In Greek and Roman mythology Mars has symbolized war and often epitomized as a fearless warrior.
Roman coins represented Mars as a victor, a champion, a defender and a protector. Depending on what Mars suggested he would be holding a trophy, a shield, an olive branch and spear or a shield and spear.
The Military symbol was the shield and spear, as a victor he held a trophy, as a defender he held a shield and as a protector an olive branch and spear.
Mars has also been linked to agriculture, biology and botany. The month of March has been named after Mars because of its link with agriculture and spring.
Mars is associated with the metal iron and often lucky charms were made of iron to protect soldiers going into battle.
The emblem of Mars is the dragon. In Astrology Mars rules the star signs of Aries and Scorpio.

Mars is a bold red color and has been portrayed as a Fire God in some myths and legends and named the Lord of Brightness. Mars is a red Planet hence its association with energy, strength, courage, passion, and power. Some have linked the gemstone Ruby to Mars because of its fiery color. The gemstone Ruby is generally associated with the Sun it just goes to show the power of Mars.

Mars rules in athletes and competition due to the link with stamina and achievement.
Tuesday is the day of the week named for Mars

Mars has captured the imagination of many writers and producers. Because Mars is like’ earth in that it has familiar features resembling volcanos, valleys, ice caps and rocky surface, there also appears to be evidence of life that may have existing at some point in its history.
The thought of Martians and extra terrestrial beings coming from Mars and invading Earth has been a rich source of material for books and films full of ideas, inspiration and imagination
But, as this red planet crosses the sky its rhythm and natural harmony has captivated mankind.
But by large, myths and legend has shown Mars to be a strong, powerful, heroic protector and fearless warrior.