Large Hadron Collider – Yes

On September 10, 2008 a full-scale test of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), sent two beams of subatomic particles called hadrons crashing against each other from opposite directions. Within 24 hours an unprecedented four major earthquakes struck around the world affecting Japan, Indonesia, Iran, and South America.

The tests were conducted under the auspices of CERN, which stands for the “European Organization for Nuclear Research,” a coalition of scientists studying fundamental physics in a quest to discover how the Universe works.

Situated near Geneva, on the border of France and Switzerland, CERN built the accelerator consisting of a subterranean, 17-mile circular tunnel as a tool to recreate conditions of the alleged Big Bang, from which the earth and other heavenly bodies reputedly originated.

The collision of the particles should break it down into smaller particles in the quest for the elusive Higgs-Boson particle, often called the God particle, which scientists say gives other particles their mass.

On September19, 2008, a malfunction of the arc magnet halted operations. The magnet bends the rays so they circle around the tunnel. With a winter cessation of tests already planned, the LHC tests resume in the spring of 2009.

The LHC Safety Study Group is a group of independent scientists who plan to study the results of the testing. They assure us that similar reactions take place in nature and they pose no danger to the earth.

We know that the theories of experts often turn out wrong. The builders of the Titanic declared it unsinkable. Countless theories fell by the wayside by way of events or testing.

Just because a scientist declares the testing is safe proves nothing. It is just an educated opinion.

Why do people think the LHC is dangerous? The convergence of predictions from Nostradamus with his famous quatrains, the Christian Bible with its end times prophecy and Mayan calendar predictions saying that the world ends in December, 2012 all point to an end of the world scenario. Eschatology is the study of the end times as described in the Christian Bible.

Michele de Nostradamus warns of a doomsday machine that creates a black hole that swallows the earth. A French citizen from 1503-1566, he is known as an astrologer, seer, and mathematician. In 1555 he published a book called “Les Propheties” or “The Prohecies” in which he gives his doomsday predictions in sets of quatrains.

Quatrain century 9 number 36 by Michel de Nostradamus (Nostradame) states:

“All should migrate from Geneva.
Saturn turns from gold to iron,
The contrary positive ray (RAYPOZ) will exterminate everything,
There will be signs in the sky before this.”

Will a black hole escape from earth and turn Saturn into a black hole? Will elements be transmuted anywhere in the universe?

A quick study of the situation brings up the specter of black holes. A black hole is an imploded star or other body, which is so heavy that it pulls all surrounding material into it.

RAYPOZ is a word without a specific meaning, but some Internet sources say that it means a positive ray such as the positively charged ray of the LHC test.

Discordant voices say that the collider may form a number of small black holes capable of pulling in parts of the earth from the inside out causing earthquakes and volcanic activity and gobbling up the earth and eventually the entire universe.

Could this CERN LHC be the doomsday machine alluded to in popular literature? Some sources suggest that this eroding of inner earth will climax in 2012, the year the Mayan Calendar ends signaling the end of the world.

Will resumption of tests in the spring precipitate increased earthquakes and volcanic activity? Will black holes sink to the center of the earth and eat it from the inside out while scientists who pronounced the tests harmless sit helplessly, unable to do anything? Most important, will it signal the beginning of the end of the world?