Large Hadron Collider – Yes

The Large Hadron Collider may produce a black hole.Anything which comes within the reach of it’s “event horizon” will fall into the gravitational field and increase the density and cause the hole to intensify it’s strength.It is supposed to wink in and wink out.However,if there is anything within reach,it will pull it in and gain strength.The scientists say that the vacumn is greater than that of space,that is highly improbable.They say that there will be nothing for the black hole to “feed upon”.

Gravity is one of the fields which scientists have not completely conquered.For them to say that everything is perfectly safe,that we can actually create a black hole within a super collider,and not suffer any anomalies is just slightly dangerous.We see “black holes” in space.Now astronomers see them at the center of galaxies.What if the various black holes which have been identified were not all formed by nature.What if each civilization throughout the universe reached the point which at which we have now arrived.And some of them proceeded towards the experimental goals.And the atomic level black hole grew out of control.Pulling in sub-atomic particles at first,and then quickly gaining density,began to pull the facility itself into the event horizon.Each atom adding mass and density to the hole,which now grows out of proportion and beyond the ability of anyone or anything to reverse the process.

True,this experiment will occur within a magnetic field which will provide a vacumn more perfect than that of space itself.Yet these black holes occur in space,after they are created,by the collapse of a star.True,this is a much greater amount of material than will be dealt with in the Hadron Collider.Yet,this mini black hole will be created within the gravitational field of the Earth.The mass of the Earth and the gravitational properties of the planet itself may cause some as yet unforseen occurance.The possibility that it may not “wink out”should be enough to cause more deliberation amongst leading physicists.This is not the loss of a facility.This is the potential extinction and erasure of an entire solar system and eventually,the galaxy which revolves at it’s center.Absolute nothingness.No trace of man.No archeology,oceanography,art,poetry,religions.Everything is swept away into a cosmic vortex.

References to the Mayan calender at first seem ridiculous.My imediate response is that they simply did not have a large enough rock to continue the calender onward past 2012.Yet, as I also do believe that the time/space continumn can be accessed by high levels of consciousness,I do not completely disreguard the ominous portent which many have addressed.To lend creedence to these myths takes away from the scientific possibilities inherent in the discussion.

I would like to see a full blown roundtable discussion by the top physicists and astrophysicists in the world.I think that in such a closed environment,and under such monitored conditions,that it will be safe to create the micro-black-hole.Yet,I feel equally sure that an open debate amongst the top scientists in the field is neccessary before the collider is turned on and the sought after mini-black hole comes into existence.

This gives me the opportunity to reveal my own theory about the universe.I postulate that the universe exists in life cycles.that ther is a birth,growth,aging,and death,followed by a rebirth.The outwardly expanding universe came from a central point,the origin,known as the big bang.As this universe expands,we experience entropy,which is the loss of energy into the system as a whole.Once the system reaches apogee,or the farthest outward point of expansion,it will begin to collapse inward upon itself.During this process ,the opposite of entropy will occur,and there will be an ever increasing gain in energy.Black holes will pull all matter and energy closer together until a point of no return is reached,resulting in another “big bang”which will begin a new universal sequence.

Therefore,the entire question becomes more about deciding to prolong our history and our existence as a species for as long as possible,by not risking making the black hole.Because ultimately,in the long reaches of time and space,the fact that we have ever existed will be erased.And that gives rise to my next opportunity which is to say that we need to focus on our daily lives as human beings with consciousness on this planet at this point in time and space!We are alive and conscious of our own existence within the infinity of space.We have a location,and a perspective from which to assess our reality.The ultimate answer about the mind and the universe is still being sought by us as human beings,upon the planet Earth,third orbit out from our star,which we call the Sun,in the outermost arm of our galaxy,which we call the Milky Way.And now,we have images from the Hubble space telescope which reveal billions of galaxies.The universe is infinite,yet we can trace the beginning back through time with our telescopes.But the main thing we need to focus on is our daily conduct.Food production.Social interactions.Trying not to destroy each other through thermonuclear warfare.

Yes I see a potential hazard to human existence through the experiments which will be conducted at the Large Hadron Collider,when it comes on line.Yet,I also admit that I do not know enough about particle physics and physics in general to make an educated judgement as to the ultimate outcome of such an experiment.