Key Pillar of Confidence self Esteem

The key pillar of confidence is self esteem. Before we can accept and value other people, we need to take the advice of the most famous playwrights of all time, William Shakespeare “first of all to thine own self be true.” In short we must have a positive as opposed to a negative self image!

1) What is the first basic step to positive self-affirmation? Answer, we must first learn to self exam ourselves by asking our selves some important key questions: Can we accept who we are with all of our inner most strengths and weakness! First off, we should consider our strengths. Are we friendly, happy well adjusted people? Are content enough with are lives just exactly as they are?

Are we just putting on a front to deceive our selves and those in our immediate sphere of influence? In short are we just trying to impress our neighbors, and ourselves? Should we live a life style beyond our social, and economic means? Does it really matter after all if we,”keep up with the Jones?”

2) The second vital step on any passage to self confidence is: Are we in control of our circumstances, or are we being controlled by them? The book shelves are filled to the brim with books written by expert behavioral motivational speakers, who aim to help us improve our financial networks.

For example, lets assume the classical case scenario: a divorced mother of two small children reaches her breaking point. Then, she turns on the television or listens to a radio program, geared to helping people turn their scars into stars! Or, how I became a multi-millionaire in five easy lessons. And,I will disclose all of my secrets to success if you buy my book!

3) The world is filled with financially well to do people who are trapped by an inferiority complex! Financial wealth may or may not improve our self confidence depending entirely on our individual circumstances.

In Charles Dickens classical novel, a young poor man named Ebenezer Scrooge forsakes the love of his life, and his circle of friends to have the King Midas touch! He ended up an bitter, disillusioned older man. He was redeemed from eternal damnation by being visited by three spirits: The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future!

In short he has the living day lights scared out of him. The writers guild has made many fortunes writing about similar themes. On of the las test is called: A Carol Christmas! It was shown several times on the Hallmark Channel during the Christmas holidays!

4) One of the best motivational books about self confidence is the Holy Bible. Wait a minute doesn’t the Bible refer to people as sinners? Of course it does, but it gives the secret to self-confidence. First God doesn’t underplay human nature! Second of all, He is in the character reformation business. Who else can take a drug addict or alcoholic, and turn them into self confident human beings, but Jesus Christ!

5) I don’t recommend looking at the world through rose colored glasses, but one of the keys to building self-confidence is becoming a valuable person to your church and/or community by getting involved in worth while causes and making a difference!