Its no Fun to be so Forgetful need to Find Ways to Make it better

There is nothing worse than being at a party, or trying to call someone back, and you realize that you forget the name of the person, or the number you are supposed to call. People often times forget things, and while we all do forget, there are things we can do to not forget so many of the things that we are supposed to recall in our everyday lives. Here are a few things that you can do to give yourself a better chance to remember everyday things.

One thing that you can do is to do something to tease your brain, like a crossword puzzle, or sudoku. These types of brain exercising activities will force you to think about what you are doing, and to keep combination’s of numbers, or names and places in your head. You will have to recall these on a regular basis, and this will help train your brain to remember things in the future. Think of it your brain running on a treadmill. It will benefit you later on.

They say that reading books helps to keep your mind sharp as well. Your brain is forced to think about the actions going on in the book, and you are forced to think critically about what is going on as well. You are being forced to stay in the moment, and you are forced to keep your brain active, which is what is keeping your brain from turning into mush when you need to remember something in the future.

Actually going out and doing things helps keep your mind sharp as well. Actually going out and having to recall what street you are on, or what your surroundings are keep your mind sharp. Anything that makes you think, and not just let your brain turn into mush will help you keep your mind sharp, and not let you start to forget things in the future. You will be able to remember more, and not forget the small details of what people tell you.

To keep yourself from forgetting things you are going to want to just do things that will keep your mind active. Watching TV is no good, and sitting around isn’t going to help you out either. Staying active, and keeping the rest of your body in shape will actually help you out too. As you keep yourself active, you have more of a reason for your mind to stay active so that you don’t go hurt yourself, or do something stupid.

So keep your mind active by keeping yourself active. Force yourself tot think about what you are doing right now, and don’t let your mind go to mush. Either that, or just write down the phone number of the person that you are going to have to call back, or store it in your cell phone. That way you are sure to not forget without taxing your memory.