Is Time Travel possible

Time travel is not only possible but has been successful to a degree. National security abandoned it for obvious reasons, time travel was extremely dangerous and with it being so technical was stopped until a better understanding of procedures could take place. The book “Philadelphia Experiment” was about a true incident gone bad by the US Navy. Albert Einstein was head of this experiment taken on by the war department. It was all about transference of an object from one point to another and it was a dangerous experiment that went terribly wrong but to a point it worked very well according to eyewitnesses that were involved in the experiment.

If human lives had not been taken the world might be different today. The world was just not ready for this type of scientific progress. The use of quantum physics in formulas and the help of high energy magnetic cables strung through out the ship gave the experiment a high magnetic field to cause a warp in the time continuum. This warp in the time continuum made the entire ship disappear and reappear hundreds of miles at a different location.

The reappearance is where things went wrong and when things were reappearing they saw humans in different stages of deformity. Some were embedded in to the ships hull. The site must have been horrific even for military standards. It made them stop all experiments and abandon all experiments indefinitely. Time travel through physics had been successful but at a terrible cost.

There is a naval base on the coast of Florida that carries out the experiments now. It is a high security facility and the U.S. Government says it is a submarine base but some think that the experiments they have done open worm holes in time. Scientist believe that some disappearances of ships and aircraft are responsible for these happenings. I believe we are closer to time travel.

Physicist have come to the conclusion that if time travel were to be possible we would have to invent a point of origin to leave the time capsular. Then later on in the future one could return to the capsular in a different time spectrum. To be successful at time travel you have to have an existing point of origin in the time continuum to return to. A concept that is being proven by some well known physicist in labs today.

Science and mathematics say it is possible to time travel. We are on the cutting edge of this futuristic technology some scientist say and with a greater understanding about what we must do to get to another place and time. Others are skeptical about the science of time travel but at the same time, fascinated by the possibilities. Time will only tell in the history of man’s dealings with time travel.