Is Time Real or Relative – Real

I think of time as a real thing that effects everyone, everything, and of course all ideas.

Time can be measured and is a variable in many things such as living organisms, ideas, and civilization. Time can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, and so on. But what makes time real? The main thing that makes time real is the belief of it. Most people would say time is philisophical, a term people use to describe natural things that pass. I think other wise, like air, time is unseeable and is still in our presence. But time is a special thing like light. It has an unfathomable aspect that cannot be contained. Even though it’s not the direct cause for things such as why metal rusts our why people age and die. It is the most important factor in it. oxidation in metal cannot occer without time. People cannot age without time. So why indeed is time considered a relative thing rather than real?

Now after a while, everything dimmishes no matter what. Sooner or later everything will end and only time will exist. Time is real, even though you can’t hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it, or touch it. But theres one sense that people often forget they have. They forget the sense of thinking. Thinking about time you can do, and though it sounds bogus and untrue. That’s the basic reason it’s true. Reality can be based on many aspects of time. As time progresses, so does the ideas of animals. Time is the reason for transformation like the world. At the end, what is time really? Time is like gravity in a manner. It’s a force that drives our universe such as magnetism also. It is the ruler of all other forces and is supreme due to it’s ability to outlast anything since time is the cause of aging. Along with time, people seek a way to control it. Time in hypothical means can be altered, or changed. Like time travel. If in the future, time travel is possible, that will indefinately conclude time is a real thing other than just a philisophical aspect. It’ll mean that time can be changed or just cause an alternate form. At the end, time is real, as real as life, and as real as the human spirit. Unseen but driven in a mysterious way yet to be figured out by humans.