Is Time Real or Relative – Real

Time is the most inquisitive thing to be analyzed. Time and space are interrelated. They can not be studied alone. Wherever there is space or a place, there is a time. The fact can be visualized like this: A place is nothing but existence of some kind of matter that occupies the area in its three dimensional attributes. The basic property of the matter is that it has to go through some kind of process. A matter is nothing but a store of mass and energy. A little change in the core level induced by tiny sub atomic particles make the matter modifiable. Now time plays the part of monitoring this process. It records the different phases of change a matter passes through. It reflects past, present and future of the matter or the ageing process of the matter. Past and future are untouched, not conceivable, but present is the fact. Still the three exist to govern the creation and destruction of anything. Without time we would have been ignorant about the existence of anything in any sense. Whatever knowledge we have gained in science about the living species, planets, water or atoms everything is a reflection of time or on the contrary time is a reflection of everything. According to the law of conservation of Energy, there is only a change of form that matters. Nothing can be added to this universe nor deleted. Hence, anything in this world is an ever present phenomenon but ever changing thing. If time has to be lost somewhere then it is the zero or pure absence. Science is still doubtful about something absolutely still. So as long as there is motion, there is change and there is a time. A mass living or dead, moving or fixed has a factor of time always behind it.

In general sense time has always been conceptualized as a tool to measure hours, days or years. We have understood it better as convenience rather than the necessity. An arbitrary thing in logical sense, yet time is the most important factor to unwind many discoveries. We have to believe the existence of something imperceivable to examine even our destiny. As long as there is existence of something, there will be time and may be for infinite time.