Is the Megalodon Extinct

Carcharodon megalodon would be a massive animal if it still existed. Carcharodon megalodon is the scientific name for the Megalodon shark and the Megalodon shark could reach lengths of 60 feet long. 60 feet long is massive by any measure.

Megalodon is known from fossil teeth only. When a shark tooth is 6 inches or larger then it is easy to determine the size of the shark even though no one has yet actually seen such a shark. Perhaps it’s a good thing too that no one has seen a Megalodon; a 60 foot long shark would be darned scary if seen from a 20 foot long fishing boat.

The fact is that humans have not explored the seas as much as many people would believe. In fact, we have probably explored more of the moon than the seas on the earth. There are various trenches in the oceans that are at least as deep as Mt. Everest or K2. We all know the difficulty getting to the top of each of those peaks so swimming down the same distance is near impossible, not impossible but nearly so.

Given that we are still finding creatures new to science in various oceans around the world one might think that we could still yet find a 60 foot long shark. After all they might argue, it has got to be harder to hide a 60 foot long beast than a much smaller creature which is more readily found in the earths’ oceans.

That would be a strong argument except no one has even truly seen a 60 foot long water animal, no one. Sure there have been those that have claimed to have seen a Megalodon but chances are that they are seeing a very large Great White Shark from some distance away. As much as people might suggest differently, we humans are horrible as eye witness and we are even worse at attempting to judge distance and size.

So what happens when you see a large shark from a distance away and you have ocean waves caressing the beast? Add that to the excitement that must accompany the sighting and you have a sure fire recipe for confusion and wild guesses and error. So the fact is that you cannot accept the word of the average citizen for what they might have seen. It is far too easy to be mistaken under those kinds of circumstances.

For these reasons I find it incredibly difficult to accept the thought that a 60 foot long creature still exists in the worlds’ oceans. Yes, there is no doubt that there are still creatures for science yet to find in the watery wastes but not a 60 foot long shark.