Is Science Overlooking Paranormal Phenomena

I will attempt for the SECOND time to get my view published. It seems I’ve managed to lose about 6 articles through the vagaries of spell checker. But I’ve digressed without a point made.

Science is most certainly overlooking paranormal incidents. This largely due to two factors,1) Any “experiment”, must be able to be reproduced in a sterile laboratory with many safeguards in place. These phenomena happen every where BUT a lab.

Should the Scientist be gracious enough to enter the field, they always espouse the fact that there were/are no controls and it’s impossible to say if what happened, happened!?

2) To come out and say yes there is proof that E.T.’s, Ghosts etc. exist would be tantamount to professional suicide, and they’d be lucky to get a job flipping burgers.
If you remember, it wasn’t until Jimmy Carter was out of politics did he “publicly” admit to seeing a U.F.O. Several retired astronauts have come forward and told of being watched while on the moon, being shadowed by lights. All after they have accomplished their goals and the worst that can happen is to be labeled eccentric.

I urge you to check out some site on the web that have legitimate spokespeople, who only want the truth. Granted there are Quacks and Hucksters but for the most part these are well respected people, who have witnessed something that conventional science can’t explain. So are we to assume Scientists know everything? Do we blindly accept what “they” say as gospel? Of course not1 My biggest beef is that people don’t arrive at their conclusions through research, past experience, but allow themselves to be led like lambs, a very dangerous practice for a democratic society my friends.

So I will not refer you to any specific web site, but be patient, put up with the odd kook and educate yourselves. The more we know, the more we know!