Is Science Overlooking Paranormal Phenomena

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Carlos Mirabelle.

Materialisation: which, to those of us who don’t know, is matter appearing from nowhere.

Let me take you into the unusual and talented life of Carlos Mirabelle. Or Mirabelli as some prefer to call him.

Brazilian, Carlos Mirabelli, celebrated modern-day medium, born in 1889 was purported to have had a basic and limited education, yet surprised all who knew him by being able to speak over twenty-eight languages including: Chinese, Latin, Greek, Russian, Hebrew plus a host of other tongues. Not only that, he could write at an amazing, unmatched and abnormal speed.

He also confounded his peers by giving talks on medicine, sociology, literature, politics, theology, psychology, history, music – which were all subjects unheard of to anyone of such rudimentary education. Carlos also demonstrated writings of the twenty-eight languages. One documented case shows that he also wrote in hieroglyphics – but those have yet to be deciphered.

Carlos Mirabelli claimed to be able to materialise physical forms out of ectoplasm (where for example, under the glow of, say, red lamps, beings appear gradually in a slow-growing formation from the luminous clouds).

He had other strange talents too. One was that he was able to levitate. Appear and disappear at will. Sances shown him to rise (levitate) unaided to a height of three feet above his chair. He was seen by several witnesses to instantly vanish at the Da Luz railroad station. He has also been witnessed vanished only to reappear in to another room.

In another of these strange instances, Mirabelli made a little girl materialise in front of her father, Dr. Ganymede de Souza. Apparently the little girl had perished only months prior to the apparition. Dr Ganymede immediately took his daughter’s pulse, asked her questions only she could possible answer and then took photographs of the incident. Analyses of those photographs and films have supposedly been since conducted.

There were numerous witnesses present at this amazing Mirabelli’s deed.

Sometimes there were around five dozen doctor’s present at these events, as well a one dozen engineers, two dozen military men and three dozen lawyers. Even the President of Brazil was once there to bear witness to the talents of Carlo Mirabelli, whereby he instantly ordered an investigation. In 1927, scientific assessments were carried out in a closed environment.

So to put Mirabelle to the test, he was bound to a chair and carefully examined for trickery. The test was carried out under special brilliant lamps inside the room.

Doors and windows were sealed and checked and rechecked.

The experimenters then left the rope-bound medium and cynically waited to see if he could in fact, as purported, disappear and re appear in another room. They doubted it.

But once left alone Carlos instantaneously reappeared in another part of the building opposite to the room where he has been left sitting and bound to a chair.

To their utter astonishment, the experimenters, upon their return, found Carlos sitting silently and still bound – exactly where they had left him.

And all the windows and doors were still sealed!


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