Is Cryptozoology a Valid Science – Yes

Cryptozoology is a branch of study that specializes in the study of hidden animals. In other words, it is the search for animals that have not necessarily been seen by the general public or accepted by the “accredited” zoologists. There are many such creatures that may (or may not) exist. While there are several examples that could be used (and a few are used in this article) one that most people are familiar with has been reported all over the world and has several names.

It is Bigfoot. Also known as Sasquatch, Yeti, Abomidalbe Snowman, the list goes on and on. It is essentially the same kind of creature but has been spotted all over the globe. While it is a few people that have seen it, the scientists that study it are “on the outside”. If it is discovered to be a new form of primate (whether closer to human or to ape) then all of the sudden it is accepted scientific research.

Just because the mainstream scientific community doesn’t like the idea, doesn’t make it wrong. There are some good examples that follow.

The dimension of time seems to be one of the factors that we use to validate what is “science” or just a new age fad. You don’t have to believe in the Loch Ness Monster or Chupacapra. It doesn’t mean that the search for them is any less important. When the Wright bothers were sure they could make a heavier than air machine fly, you can bet there were a lot more people against them than not. Now in hindsight we see that aerodynamics and flight aviation are legitimate sciences. But at the time? People lined up on the sand dunes and discussed how it was absolutely impossible for that thing to leave the ground. That sort of example can be used over and over again. There isn’t any reason to bore people with facts to reprove what I am saying.

For hundreds of years the bones of dinosaurs were thought to come from mythical beasts. Then when modern science took over, we were led to believe that they were big dumb, cold blooded monsters that barely eked out an existence. In the near past the truth has come out. They were extremely successful animals that controlled the planet for millions of years. My point is, times change and the way we study things will change with them. We get a better understanding of the world around us, which sometimes validates what people studied, or sometimes will destroy an entire field of science.

In the middle ages, it was an accepted fact that if you had the correct knowledge, you could change lead to gold. It wasn’t a myth, it was a fact. Now we know, that very fact was anything but that. So time will tell whether cryptozoologist’s discipline will hold out. But by today’s standards it is a valid science. We learn new things from these scientists each every day. Even if we are no closer to telling who or what “Nellie” is, it helps us learn about other creatures.

So all the Biologists, Mathematicians, and other scientists in the current accepted disciplines should move over a bit and make room for a new kid at the table. Time will tell if we are wrong, but for now they have as much right to expand our knowledge base as any other. Not to mention, searching for the Chupacabra can make for a little more exciting read than the newest mathematical equations (sorry all you math nerds) and it has always been my opinion that anything that will bring just one more mind into the intellectual fold is a good and valid use of resources.