Are we Ready for Artificial Intelligence

Are we ready for artificial intelligence, well in all truth, no, no we are not. The human race is not ready either technologically or physiologically ready for AI. The problem with the whole physiologically aspect is the fact that AI sheds doubt upon religion and the creation of a man through divine intervention, for if we can create something that has intelligence and learns then that means it is just possible to happen or that a god is not necessary. As well it throws the whole the question about a should into turmoil, if we can create a thinking machine, does it to have a soul is it as well alive, then there is the whole ethic values about it whether not they should be treated as living creatures and what laws should govern them, there is so many thing about AI that we are just not ready for. Luckily for us though AI is something that is possible is far, far in the future.

You see the problem with AI is that it takes billions of line of code and so many transistors to make a robot learn to walk, while and ant works on less then a tenth of a percent of the transistors, and with that they can walk run learn attack and build huge structures that dwarf any scale buildings created by humans. The fact is that all the advancements in robotics have been made by stealing ideas that where already created and perfected by nature, and not to mention that if even a single transistor is destroyed it can ruin the whole robot, but in the case of humans we can drink and destroy ours and just wake up with a headache the next day and function perfectly fine. Right now as it is robotics and biology is already starting to combine, it won’t be much longer until they consume each other. According to the laws of nature the fittest and most adapt creature survives, so why do we think that we can accomplish in a matter oh a few decades a system more efficient then something that has gone through all the tests of trail and error that can be conceived over billions of years.

The facts are simple if we did develop AI right now no part of human society excluding science is ready to cope with it, religion politics, justice, none of it, as well as we just are not technologically capable or ready to develop, and honestly probably never will be.