Is Astrology a Science

Astrology and science, some would say, are worlds apart, but in many ways they are not so distant cousins. Where astrology deals with the different phases of planets on a more metaphysical level, science deals with planets on a more calculated and fact based scale. Astrology can also be viewed as spiritual, of the occult, tied to craftwork, etc. These are things that science does not necessarily recognize for the obvious reasons, however, here are two topics that both explain one another only in different manners.

For example, there is a reoccurring happening with the planet Mercury (the ruling planet of communication), which is called “Mercury retrograde”. It takes place about 3 times per year and lasts anywhere from 3 weeks to an entire month or more. During this time, Mercury begins to rotate in reverse motion causing many breaches in communication for us earthlings. Emails bounce back, computers crash, simple conversations become misinterpreted and sometimes depending on the intensity of a particular retrograde, communication seems to crash and burn completely. This phenomenon is usually best explained by astrologers who study the planets in terms of the zodiac and other paranormal measurements of the degrees of the planets and the solar system and how they affect human life on earth.

When it comes to earth science, one would say that the retrograde of any planet simply refers to the gradual slowing of the motion of a planet coming to a complete stop, then resuming motion again only in the reverse direct of which it began. After that, the planet slows down to a complete stop once again then resumes motion in the original direction in which it was rotating.

Both astrology and science include the use of math, research that dates back centuries, theories, factual information and carefully studied calculation. The question is not whether astrology is an actual science, but more so what type? It may be more appropriate, if astrology absolutely had to fit in a box, for it to be referred to as astrological science. In that sense, yes, astrology IS a science. If biological, chemical, geological and microbiological sciences can exist and be categorized, why can’t astrology?

Astrology is indeed a science of sorts. Its horizons of discovery and learning are so vast that some view it as an art and even as a religion. Science, which also spreads wide across an unending board of possibility and infinite evolution, is related in many ways than not. In a perfect world, the general consensus would be that Science is the main category and Astrology would fall into one of many sub-categories. However, the world is only round and anything but perfect therefore this is a debate that shall continue to question, boggle and intrigue all who dare to sign up for the round table.