Intuition have you ever Met someone you Immediately Disliked

I personally have had many numerous encounters where my intuition hasn’t failed me. I think trusting your inner-self on how you feel about another individual may prevent you from dealing with future issues that may or may not be pleasant. I always had this little knack since I was a child I could pick up on the people I learned not to trust I just get this inner gut feeling that tells me this person is not trust-worthy. And this feeling can be overwhelming at times where it almost makes me sick, and I want to do nothing more but get as far away from the new individual I come across. My very first recollection of my inner instinct was when I was 15 years old, I was standing for the bus for school this morning as I did every morning, and along approached from the opposite side of the street our new neighbor who just moved in. As he approached me I wanted to nothing more than back away and run for my life, my heart speed up to a fast heartbeat and something in my gut told me this man was not to be trusted as an acquaintance of mine. As he closed into my corner my heart continued to race and I got shivers all up and down my spine. The man wanted to ask me if I wanted to babysit his children which I declined his offer immediately and explained to him I already had a babysitting job. I was never more relieved to see my bus come that morning. After school when I got home I told my mother about what had happened that day and explained to her with much emphasis how I believed our new neighbor wasn’t to be trusted in any way fashion. She asked my why? I said this and I told her something just told me that our new neighbor wasn’t right. It was not too long after that and a few weeks had passed when next thing we knew a couple of cop cars pulled onto our street and into the new neighbor’s driveway. Of course being curious everyone stepped outside to take a peek, here the police were escorting the new neighbor out of his home in hand cuffs. My mother found out later the new neighbor I had a bad sense about it was wanted for assault charges in another state. Ever since then I’ll occasionally get the same instinct about certain individual’s and I’ll let my loved ones know so far I haven’t been wrong since. My most recent encounter with my “inner-sense” started a few months ago when my husband and his employer took on a new employee, when my husband told me of this new employee he was delighted about his new help. But something inside me kept on telling me this new employee wasn’t cut-up to what he was supposed to be. I kept on telling my husband not to trust this man even though I never even met him, I felt an automatic gut instinct that this new employee was no good just from my husband talking about him. Well several months had passed and then the day came. My husband’s employer asked my husband into his office for a meeting together, my husband’s employer pulls out a video tape and places it into the VCR and tells my husband to sit down. After viewing what was on the tape my husband was shocked here their new employee was skimming the drawer to the cash register and pocketing a great deal of cash. To say the least the new employee got fired on the spot and my husband now knows that when I tell him not to trust certain individual’s to listen to what I tell him because my instinct was right.