Information on why People become Criminals

The basic reasons how people become criminals are quite varied. We are not born criminals, so what changes us as we grow. The answer to this also varies as it can include our home environment, outside influences and certainly our needs. Let us explore what influences certain people’s lives to make them take that step across to the path of becoming a criminal.

Increasing rate of unemployment,

This is the major reason for people to turn to a life of crime. If a new graduate has to wait for a long period after graduating to find employment after working so hard to complete his/her education they find it difficult accepting there is no job waiting for them. Usually there is pressure from his/her family to find that perfect job and this can cause him to take that step into breaking the law. Sometimes this is done for a very small payment and sometimes on a larger scale such as murder. In reality they are not in a position to make any type of decision but will do anything to change the circumstances that their living under. They are ready to break any moral ethics they have accumulated which makes them ripe for committing crimes. They will do just about anything to bring in some income to their lives.

Domestic Violence,

This is just another consequence of unemployment. This can result in aggression or murder. This major unemployment segment of society is the main source of crime. When a family is deprived of the basic needs then in a family structure this can break the family down and result in aggression. The provider for the family may feel that he can’t provide for those he cares about and the spouse may make it worse by assigning blame. This usually leads to domestic violence and sometimes murder.

High Ambitions,

The people that have high ambitions in life and want the best for themselves and their families are sometimes prone to breaking the law to achieve this. They have ambitions that can’t be met even with a job, in other words they want it all now not when they have worked so many years or retired. They know this can come true by stepping over the line and breaking the law to fulfill their needs. Once they have tasted what crime can bring them they will not stop until they are stopped by the law. They will continue with the life of crime and they can’t seem to find their way back to justice and honesty.

Advancement in Technology,

This is also another reason for people to become criminals. They have access to move information and therefore can think of better ways to commit crimes. It gives them the advantage to create ways of committing crimes and makes the committing of crimes a lot easier than it was years ago. It is also thought by some that the easy access to guns may cause the crime rate to increase but this is highly debated by many.


It is a certainty that we do not come into this world criminals, and it is just as certain that our home life and outside life influence our decisions as we grow but there has to be something different in those that choose to live by the law and those that choose to break it.