Impact of Relgion on Human Life

I feel really bad for God. He seems to be a great guy, full of life, and really cares about the people that work for him here on Earth.

Unfortunately, he seems to be poorly represented on this planet.

For ages, there have been men, and the occasional woman, who have tried to spread the word about the Lord, and how He will bring all sorts of terrors and horrors upon us if we don’t repent.

To put a positive spin on things, God sends down an ambassador named Jesus to show us all what God is capable of doing if we follow His word. Sure, he puts Jesus through a lot of hard times, but he learned a lot of lessons about life, and what human beings are capable of doing if left unchecked. Fortunately, God was kind and allowed Jesus to live forever in heaven, and even let him invite as many friends as he wanted too to come join Jesus.

Apparently there was also a book that God wrote too, an attempt to show us what happens if we are good, and what happens if we are bad. He even showed us ways that we can get onto his good side again, even if we do something bad.

Again, God seems like a pretty cool dad, but it seems that over time the people who were reading us the book forgot to mention all the cool things that He does.

Herein lies the problem: How is that mere mortals reading His book get to make up the rules? God created the Earth, and the book, isn’t he allowed to tell us the context in which it is meant to be read?

Just like any good book though, the context is up to the person who is reading the book, and with most good literature, even the author refuses to give up every secret. Since God is the most famous author of all, I guess if He wants to keep the nuance of his actions a secret, who am I to say otherwise?

Herein lies problem two: If God is going to allow man to control the way that the book is interpreted, that means that whoever happens to control the population also controls the word of God. And since for most of civlization, God was the only enterainment most of these folks had, His word meant quite a bit.

So in essence, the impact on religion is felt among every person on Earth, even if they don’t believe in God to begin with.

Think about it, the last American president was able to limit stem cell research, rally against abortion, not allow two women to get married, and other social aspects of life. Why? His belief in God told him to not support very progressive, and in some cases life saving procedures.

That is pretty scary, the fact that someone can come in willy-nilly, and just tell me how I am going to live my life because of a book? It is one thing to have a personal faith, but come on, keep it to yourself there my friend.

Even in things we do have the option to do, for example get married, is because the bible says that in order to have sex, and still go to heaven, we have to perform a ceremony that tells people that this couple is bound together for life. Funny thing is though is that you can still have kids, and actually raise them without going through all the trouble.

Imagine back in the middle ages where the churches could actually tell you that you weren’t going to heaven, because they weren’t going to give you the sacraments. Im sure God was thrilled with that one, and im sure more than a few priests had to be upset when God went over their heads on that one. Still though, a whole culture for hundreds of years did something because someone read in a book that that was how life was supposed to be. All the while the priests were sinning left and right behind their backs. Imagine if the population was smart enough to think for itself back then.

Anyway, I think its safe to say that religion dominates every single part of our lives. It would be nice if people thought for themselves more, and tried to stay open with God , and not necessarily the church. I think God is a lot easier on people than the middle management here on Earth would have you believe.

By the way, read God’s book, it is really good, I promise!