How to Stop Sex from Taking over your Life

When someone says, “Sex is taking over my life,” it seems a different issue than simply having sex. Sex is a natural act, and most of the guilt that some associate with it stems from childhood and an environment that some how tells us it is “wrong”. Sex is not wrong. Nor, is it always the right action.

Simply saying, “read a book” just doesn’t cut it with any behavior that takes over someone’s life. For instance, if your friend can not stop throwing up after eating, we would call that bulimia. You would probably suggest professional help, not “after you eat, read a book”. If you can’t help but have sex, and feel it is taking over your life and out of control, you might very well have a sexual addiction.

The key to having a fulfilling sex life is different for everyone. However, if you honor your partner and their feelings, sex taking over a life usually isn’t an issue. The key is empathy, honor and mutual desire.

If you feel that sex is taking over your life, I would suggest seeing a professional such as a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Through insight into why it is taking over your life, you might be able to help break that cycle and learn to build healthier relationships.

Personally, to state that religion, or a book, or hobby will help stave something that obviously is enough of a concern to person for them to state it is “taking over” a life is narrow minded and short sighted.

Dig at the root, and through understanding you gain healing. Hobbies, reading and religion might well help in healing, but they are not the “cure” in and of themselves.