Hurricanes can be deadly and costly.  The traditional hurricane season that lasts from June through November is the time for people to watch out for any tropical cyclones that arrive from the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean.  The common hazards from hurricanes include flooding, high winds, and sometimes tornadoes and lightning.  The residents living in areas prone to hurricanes should always be ready to evacuate their homes once warnings are given.

*High Winds

Extremely high winds are definitely common from hurricanes.  To categorize a tropical storm as a hurricane, the sustained wind speed needs to be at least 74 mph (about 120 kph) on the Saffir-Simpson scale.  Debris will fly, and it can strike and injure people.  Some mobile homes may become damaged by this particular wind speed.  The more the hurricane winds turn severe, the more damage will turn out.  If the hurricane succeeds 155 mph (about 250 kph), which meets category five, many buildings will be demolished.  Trees will be uprooted as well.  Widespread power outages may be expected in urban and rural regions.


Hurricanes often bring heavy rainfall.  Sometimes the National Weather Service posts flood watches or warnings for areas affected by them.  If a flood warning is given, there may be rivers that have already flooded.  Some homes may soon be flooded, too.  The rapidly fast-moving flood waters can tear down bridges and overpasses.  Boarding up windows can prevent strong winds from smashing them and allowing rain water to creep into homes and businesses.  Sandbags for buildings should be used as well.

*Lightning and Tornadoes

Although it is rare, hurricane lightning has occurred, with Hurricane Katrina being the example.  And sometimes hurricanes produce tornadoes, generally in the right-front quadrant of those storms.  Lightning usually happens when hurricanes make landfall.  If the lightning is severe enough, it can create additional power out problems.  Tornadoes that occur on land can still create more damage to property.

Hurricanes are some of nature’s biggest natural disasters; they are very dangerous.  They bring destructive winds and flooding rains that could cost a fortune for damaged buildings and other property.  The National Hurricane Center always provides watches and warnings in case a hurricane is expected.  That means people should be ready to leave their homes, clear from the storm’s path.  Lives will be saved by doing so.