If you live in the Caribbean or near the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts, you may be subject to hurricane threats.  This particular storm may cause catastrophic damage to land and other property.  That’s why it’s important for residents to always stay focused on any developing tropical storm system.  The greatest risk for hurricanes to develop is from August through September. 

In the meantime, people need to be ready for a hurricane and do their best to avoid it.  Tips include paying attention to weather forecasts, learning how to evacuate, protecting your home, and making an emergency kit.

*Weather Forecasts

Residents are given enough time to make hurricane safety plans.  From the National Hurricane Center in the United States, a hurricane watch means just that; you should look out for the possibility of a hurricane.  Preparation may be necessary.  A hurricane warning urges residents to taken action immediately and evacuate their homes as ordered.  Listen to a weather radio or watch the news on TV.  The Weather Channel does an excellent job covering hurricane conditions; people can get information from it and know what to expect.  

*Protect Your Home

To protect your home from possible damages, you can board all its windows.  One option is using marine plywood.  The other option (which is probably the best method) is using storm shutters.  Add straps to secure your roof from being blown by high winds.  See if any trees or bushes needs trimming so they won’t cause problems to power lines.

*Make an Emergency Kit and Evacuate

When you do need to evacuate your home, you should have already know where to go.  You can go to another family member’s home or hotel that’s clear from the hurricane’s path.  Otherwise, emergency shelters will be open nearby.  Whatever you do, have all emergency items ready.  Include imperishable food, bottled water, diapers, fresh batteries and a radio.  You should also fill your car with gas, and bring extra cash and any important business documents.  Having a first-aid kit is another good addition to your plan. 

Hurricanes are nothing to be played with.  They are one of nature’s fieriest, deadliest storms known to mankind.  When you are told to evacuate, do so immediately.  Many lives will be saved by adhering to simple hurricane safety tips.