Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricanes can be extremely dangerous – both during and after the storm. You will want to be very careful during such an event.  Certain precautions can go a long way towards keeping you safe.  The following are hurricane safety tips for you to consider.

Stay indoors during the storm

It can be tempting to go outside during the hurricane and witness nature’s wrath firsthand.  This is a bad idea.  Even if things do not look so bad at the moment, there are sudden gusts of wind.  All it would take is for it to swipe down a tree branch and you could have a problem.  You should stay indoors as much as possible.  Also, when you are in the eye of the storm, it might appear completely and eerily calm.  Do not let this fool you.  The second part of the storm has yet to come.  You never know how long the eye will last, and it can be quite quick, so you might want to remain inside for this as well.

Purchase shutters

Shutters can help keep your windows safe from shattering due to debris and other items.  They sell different types of shutters from the expensive yet easy to close ones to the less expensive metal boards that go over the windows.  Make sure that you put them up in advance – you do not want to be putting them up when the storm has already started.  Stay away from windows that do not have shutters on them because they are often easily broken without warning.

After the storm, try to avoid driving

You do not want to drive right after a storm unless there is some sort of emergency.  There is often debris on the road, and the winds might still be quite strong and capable of picking up errant branches and other items that can turn into little flying missiles.  Power lines might be down, and many traffic lights might be out.  They will often say on the radio or television when it is safe to go out.

Make sure to follow the safety rules of a generator

If you have a generator you will want to be sure to follow the safety rules with that.  It shouldn’t be indoors because the gases can cause a real problem for you.  Be sure to read through all of the safety precautions when operating such a device.

By taking the above precautions, you will give yourself a safer scenario during a hurricane.