Human Timeline

There are some discrepancies in the Christian Bible timeline versus the evolution timeline by the scientific community. This is a constant debate in the creation-evolution controversy which disagrees on when the universe, the Earth, and human beings were created.

The birth of Homo sapiens

The book of Genesis in the Bible claims life started around 4000 BC. Evolutionists disagree and through natural observation have stated that evidence proves that the Earth is far older than is mentioned in the Bible and that human life actually began millions of years ago. The origin and evolution of Homo sapiens has divided the scientific and religious worlds completely. The standard scientific belief is that early human evolution began in Africa 2.4 million years ago and that Homo sapiens started developing roughly around 100,000 years ago.

Science has determined the Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago. All life on the Earth has been evolving into more complex organisms, from of single cell organisms 3.8 billion years ago, 570 million years ago of arthropods, 360 million years ago of amphibians, 300 million years ago of reptiles, 200 million years ago of mammals, 65 million years ago the dinosaurs go extinct, 2.5 million years ago the early evolution of the Homo genus appears, about 150,000 years ago a common ancestor of human DNA was discovered, and 25,000 years ago the Neanderthals suddenly died out. Roughly about 12,000 years ago Homo sapiens became the leading and dominant life form on the Earth.

But creationists and religious believers dispute any kind of theories from evolutionary biologists, geologists, paleontologist, and scientists claiming them to be manipulated by Darwinism. For the conservative religious community believes in the human history timeline as told within the Bible. But there is room for continued debate with regards to literal Bible timeline versus the scientific historic timeline. Here is a historic timeline of key events that happened in the span of about 6000 years and Bible history time:

1. About 4000 BC, the birth of Adam, the first man ever created was born.

2. About 3000 BC, the birth of the Methuselah, the son of Enoch.

3. About in the year 2348 BC, begins the biblical flood as told in the book of Genesis.

4. Between 2000 BC, the birth of Abraham

5. 1300 BC, Exodus begins.

6. About 1000 BC, King Solomon rules.

7. About 600 BC, the prophet Ezekiel.

8. About 1 AD, the ministry of Christ begins.

Despite geological evidence, creationists still believe that ancient man and human history began with the birth of Adam and Eve roughly 6000 years ago. They firmly believe that human civilization began after the mythical flood some 4,500 years ago and that the Egyptian civilization was the true start of “superior intellect”, and the beginning of modern society and great empires.