Dinosaurs Early Interpretation Holy Bible Noah Great Flood God Timeline Ark Adam and Eve

Dinosaurs are probably the most misunderstood of God’s creatures when it comes to their early interpretation. This writer calls dinosaurs God’s creatures because He did create them as much as He created humanity. The problem with the early interpretation is this: where in relationship to the timeline of the Holy Bible do the dinosaurs fit in? Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution is something that is talked about and debated on a daily basis. However, this writer still believes that evolution has no place side-by-side with the writings of the Holy Bible.

We hear time and time again from anthropologists and archeologists and paleontologists that dinosaurs are millions of years old. So, if this is the case, then they were walking the earth long before God created it? Supposedly, the Bible’s timeline begins over 4 thousand or so years ago with Genesis and Adam and Eve. Is it not at all possible that the dating of the Bible is incorrect? This is a question that only God can answer. Is not at all possible that the dinosaurs were part of the creatures that were talked about in the Book of Genesis yet not described as we see them in science books and on television day after day? Sure, all that can be said here is that this means that the dinosaurs may have been omitted from the Holy Bible because of their ferociousness, their size and because they disappeared before Moses even had a chance to learn about them.

Speaking of ferociousness of some dinosaur species, is there not ferociousness itself in the Holy Bible with there being talk of sexual innuendo, worshipping of golden idols and the total disrespect for God as well as war and the prophecies of even greater wars to come? Sure, so this may not be the case why the mention of dinosaurs was kept out of the Holy Bible.

Then, there is mention that possibly, the dinosaurs or a certain species remained at the time of the Great Flood and the period of Noah and his building of the Ark as instructed by God. The ark was huge according to its dimensions explained in the Bible as well as by the “experts” and it is possible that God intended Noah to take some of these animals with him as well.

The argument goes on and on about the existence of the dinosaurs. The argument goes on about how they came into being, when they came into being as well as how they disappeared. However, we have to know this, not all species of dinosaurs are gone. It is said that the alligator and the crocodile are direct descendants of the dinosaur periods or that they are as old as the age of the dinosaurs.

No matter what is believed, this writer, as a Christian still believes wholeheartedly that the world was created by God and that the story begins with Adam and Eve and that somehow the dinosaurs fit in the with overall scheme of things with the Holy Bible.