Human Brain Activity – No

No, humans do not only use 10% of their brain, the idea is ridiculous.

Heres a very non-technical explanation…

Essentially every region of the brain is used/exerts an effect in our mental processes, 10% usage contradicts nature. As its known, every aspect of the human body was achieved through evolution, its specific structure/function is defined by those activities which our ancestors engaged in, to facilitate their (Regions of the brain) evolution.

The fact that these systems exists, indicates usage, we didn’t just evolve a parietal lobe because of its pretty wrinkles, it has a specific function thats has been sophisticated through anthropic/enviornmental activity.

Actual percentage of use isn’t an important factor in cognition/mental processes – Or anything, for that matter -, whats important is the relative brain activity, with respect to the task being performed; optimal usage is achieved, and all areas are co-ordinated to facilitate efficacy. Certain areas may require that others aren’t engaged in their activity, as not to impede the desired function.


When placed in the all too common ‘light or Flight’ scenario, the body essentially ‘mobilizes’ itself, many organ systems are de-activated, as means to enhance the efficiency of those areas important for ‘Fight or Flight’. What that means is, Bambi wouldn’t desire 100% usage of any system within his body, when faced with the threat of predation.

The argument that humans aren’t, metaphorically, using 100% of the brain, because of observed/percieved flaws in human patterns is itself flawed; Why would you want to achieve 100% brain activity? It isn’t exactly desirable, it constitutes dysfunction…

Imagine even using 80% of your brain to perform a task such as reading, while using that 80%.. It would mean that your feet are moving, your head is spinning, your tongue flicking (lol), your eyes turning, all while your experience the whole range of emotions, good luck. Try using 100% of you computer at a time, and let me know how productive your day was – As such, its apparent that co-ordination is more important than absolute usage, which isn’t illustrative of specilization.

The goal is simple, EFFICIENCY.

I’ve also heard that the ‘10% argument’ is used in reference to consciousness/frontal lobe, rather than the brain – i.e., 10% of our consciousness/frontal lobe is used -, I’ll quickly debunk it…

The frontal lobe constitutes less than 40% of the brain; If only 10% of it were used, with respect to the whole brain (100%), than approximately 25% (Work: 100 divided by 40, multiplied by 10) what be a more accurate measure instead.