A Journey into the Mind

The brain contains a network of more than 100 billion neurons each linked to 10,000 other neurons which is the control center for the central nervous system. Responsible for behavior, cognitive and electrochemical neuronal processes. This organ is bathed in a cushion of cerebrospinal fluid that allows the brain to float.The mass and density is 1 to 1.5 kg.which amounts to approximately 3 pounds.It would collapse under its own weight if not supported by this fluid.

The brain is divided into sections that determine if there is a head injury what signs and symptoms to assess for dependent upon what part of the brain is affected. The sections consist of the frontal lobe,which is located at the anterior part of the brain, the parietal lobes are lateral,the temporal lobe,occipital(located at the posterior part of the brain), and then there is the cerebellum located below the occipital region and the cerebral cortex at the base of the spine.

The brain is the most fascinating and intriguing organ that has been studied in depth since the 17th century.To expound upon the functions of these lobes and what parts of the body that are effected during a head injury would involve a journal so to be concise we will deal with the frontal lobe at this juncture. The frontal lobe is responsible for impulse control, judgment, language, memory, motor function, sexual behavior, socialization, and spontaneity. It helps with planning, coordinating, and controlling behavior. People who have a head injury where the frontal lobe is damaged have poor impulse control, impaired ability to coordinate complex actions and persist with one specific behavior when a change in behavior would be appropriate. The frontal lobe is also responsible for long term memories that are not task oriented.

The myth that we use only 10% of our brain and the theory that the other 90% is untapped psychic potential may be true for those who actually believe this nonsense. Albert Einstein even alluded to this and this belief system has been touted in the media for years. There is also the belief that if you buy certain products that you will tap into the brains full potential and enrich your life.