How To Workout At The Office – Full Body Workouts!

You may be at your office for eight or more house a day. When you factor in getting ready for work and the time it takes to cook meals. As well as coupled with the time it takes to commute to and from work, you may find yourself with very little time to get to the gym. If this is the case, you can still kill it when it comes to your physique.

Obviously you can do sit-ups and push-ups and planks but there are plenty of other office workouts you can utilize. Check out our tips on how to workout at the office that you can bang out during anytime during the day!

Stomach Vacuum 

You can do a stomach vacuum on the way to work as well as while you are at the office. This is an awesome exercise for creating a flatter stomach as well as better deep abdominal muscle strength. You can execute this exercise by simply exhaling the air in your lungs and at the same time drawing in your stomach towards your spine.

When starting out, hold that position for 10 to 20 seconds. As you get more comfortable at this duration, bump it up to 20 – 30 seconds and even all the way up to a minute.

Using Your Chair As An Ab Wheel

You get in a kneeling position facing the front of your chair with your hands on the chair handles. Simply lean forward allowing it to roll away from you, then roll it back. After a few reps of these I guarantee your abs will be burning!

Calf Raises

While you are sitting at your desk, do calf raises. Get a good contraction and hold it. Do this for 50 to 100 reps.

Leg Raises

While sitting at your desk, raise your legs up until they are horizontal and hold them for as long as you can. This will create good lower ab tension.


If there is a staircase in the building, you are no longer aloud to use the elevator. Also on your break speed walk or run up and down the staircase. Keep a tank top on you and put that on when you do it then put your work shirt back on when your finished.

Stability Ball

You can pick up a stability ball for $20-30 and keep it at the office. You can do your sit ups on this, push ups with your legs placed on it as well as ball wall squats. Also, just simply sitting on a stability ball at work can allow you to generate better core strength VS simply sitting in a generic office strength. And if more comfortable!

Better yet, stand up throughout the day while you are doing your work.

Tighten Your Glutes

This needs no explanation, simply contract your butt muscles and hold them for 10-20 seconds!

Jog In Place

This may make you look like a goofball, but who cares!? It can generate fat loss and be a great workout for those who have little space at their office.


You can get an awesome arm pump by banging out some dips. Simply sit down on the ground with your hands on the seat of your chair and push up and dip back down. If possible put your feet up on something in your office. This will make the dips more challenging on your arms and core.

Jumping Jacks & Burpees 

I know these are elementary exercises that are probably reminiscent of 4th grade PE or if you were a football player than Hell Week. But these exercises are still awesome for elevating your heart rate to shed fat. If you can’t do it in the office, find a private spot behind the building and do them there.

Body Weight Squats

You can do body weight squats as well as just simply holding a squat position at the office. If you happen to have a little extra change to invest, buy a couple dumbbells. Perform your bodyweight squats with the dumbbells for an more strenuous workout.

Jump Rope

This is a great tool to use. You can do it in your office or outside. Fighters use it for cardio, so it is a tried and true method for getting fit. Now you can use it at the office!


Your office time can be a great spot to do what most of us hate doing, STRETCHING! You can integrate a couple stretches per hour. Stretching exercises have been shown to benefit overall health from creating better circulation.

Stationary Lunges

Simply stay in the same place and lunge forward and then switching legs. This can give a nice leg muscle burn during the workday.

Yoga Mat

If there is enough room at your office to do exercises on a yoga mat then get one. You can do your planks, flutter kicks, leg raises, scissor kicks, side planks, glute bridges, frog sit-ups, oblique crunches, mountain climbers and jackknife sit-ups.


Also, since you are sitting so much, remember to keep a neutral pelvis. You want to do this as it will allow you to sit with proper posture all day. It will also keep from your hip flexors tightening up. The easiest way to do this is gently push your lower back into the back of the chair. You should feel your hip flexors ease up and your breathing become less labored.


As you see there are no excuses for not working out at the office. Utilize these methods above and they will pay off when it comes to sculpting a great body at work!