How to use Salvia Divinorum Safely and Sacredly

Salvia Divinorum has been given a bad rap; it has been exploited by the uninformed media, and it has been used by the uninformed public in ways that are not proper. Salvia divinorum is not a party drug; in fact it is not something that should be taken lightly at all. Anyone who has had a salvia experience could tell you that, and I recommend that no one use salvia without reading this article first.

I have had my share of experiences with this sacred plant, and I have been growing it in my home for over four years now. I have several generations of plants, and I respect and honor this plant.

Salvia has been used in the past by shaman, and it is still used today ritualistically and for the purpose of enlightenment. This is a serious plant that can be very beneficial to people, but it must be used correctly.

There are many types of salvia divinorum that you can use. It comes in liquid, extract, powder, leaves, and much more. For the beginner, I suggest smoking it, and I recommend using a ten or twenty extract. You will need a butane lighter because you have to get it really hot to have the chemicals release. Here is a link where you can <a href=”″ >find quality salvia divinorum. </a></center>

If you plan on taking salvia divinorum in any form you MUST have a sober individual present to watch you. In essence you will need a babysitter. Salvia can make you unaware of your surroundings so it is good to have someone watch out for you. This person can also help you relax and remain calm during your experience.

Next make sure you are outside or in a very comfortable place. You do not want to be surrounded by many bright lights, televisions, or anything distracting. This plant will help you connect back with nature, and you want to be in a natural environment.

I recommend sitting in a field or other seeming natural spot. I have heard stories of people smoking salvia while driving in a car, and that is just stupid and scary. How can you enjoy yourself if you are in a car? You will also need to be sitting down. I also recommend that wherever you are sitting you are able to lie back because salvia has a way of drawing you down to a laying position.

Once you are relaxed and with your partner, you can try salvia divinorum and enjoy it. It is good to have a question in mind when you use this herb because it can give you advice that you need. Please head my warnings when using this sacred plant, and for information on growing, it you can check out my article on taking care of salvia divinorum at this <a href=”″>link.</a>