How to tell if You’re Lazy

If you are reluctant to work, or sluggish, you might be feeling a lack of enthusiasm. Alternatively, you might be ill, or need to eat foods that provide you with more energy than you currently have. Most people have a negative view of laziness, and sometimes they are right! There are times when people do not want to do things and would prefer others to step up to the mark. However, in the interests of fairness and decency, letting other people take up the slack when chores need to be done is not a good plan.

The fact that you are reading this article might mean that you are considering whether you are lazy or not. Perhaps someone is putting pressure on you to act, or you want to achieve more than you are, but just do not seem to have the zest required to do so. The first step to discovering the truth is to consider your situation. Are people complaining about your lack of action? If so, do you think that what they are asking of you is fair and justifiable?

There again, you might be feeling lethargic. There are several reasons why you might lack energy including an improper diet and depression. If you live on a diet of corn syrup, candies, cakes and fast foods, you are unlikely to feel energised. Eating a healthy balanced diet will aid you in your recovery.

Depression can also make you feel tired and washed-out. Consider what is going on in your life at the moment. Could it be that you are unhappy and need to make practical changes? On the other hand, you might have other symptoms as well as lethargy, which suggest that you need to visit your GP and find out if you need treatment. The treatment required might not necessarily be medication, as there are talking therapies that may work for you.

If your diet and emotional health are in order, you might be reluctant to take more action than you do simply because you are bored. It is hard to be enthusiastic about something that does not hold your interest. However, consider whether moving more and sitting less would make your life more wonderful. Perhaps not being lazy will mean that more people like you, or that you get more done. There certainly are advantages to getting up off the couch and pushing yourself a little further towards being productive. You could earn more money, make more friends, or improve your life in other ways.

You can tell if you are lazy because other people will nag you, and you will feel guilty or annoyed. Such responses are negative and uncomfortable to experience. By changing your diet, addressing your mental health, or just by stretching yourself a little further, you could get out of a rut that holds you back. The more effort you make the more energy you will have. More zest will come your way because you will begin to see positive results that spur you on and help you achieve more.