Are you Lazy

Did you see this article title, and then not want to write about it? Did you find this website because you were playing a game, and didn’t block pop-ups because the extra click was unbearable? Do you find the thought of getting in your car to get food a hassle, and only do it because you hate the thought of not having food in the house?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you my friend are lazy. I won’t say that I have never gotten up dreading the thought of having to run a few simple errands, and I did actually discover this website because of a pop-up ad, since I didn’t click the block pop-up box in my tools section on my tool bar.

If you work less than forty hours a week, and you find you don’t have time to go out, or to have a second job, you may be lazy. Sure it sucks to work forty hours a week, but we all have to do it, and if you work less than eight hours in a day, and don’t have time to have an outside life, you are lazy. Either you are lazy, or are just avoiding something, in which case you should just face your fears.

Have you ever slept twelve hours in a night, and then after a couple hours of lounging on the couch, you just fall back asleep, and try to claim you needed the extra rest? I have known people who will literally wake up at 5pm, and then try to tell me that they didn’t get to sleep until really late, and had a lot of work lately, and were run down. I almost died of laughter, as I thought my friend was kidding.

Were you trying to write this article, and you kept hitting the word count icon because you didn’t want to keep on writing? I’m just kidding on that one, I actually just hit the icon button, because well, I didn’t think I could bear having to write a couple hundred more words.

If you don’t communicate with people because you think talking, or sending an e-mail is too hard, then you are lazy. No doubt about that one, it is really easy to communicate these days, and if you can’t send an e-mail you must be really old. Either that, or you are really lazy, because my grandma knows how to e-mail, so you have no excuse.

There are pretty easy ways to tell if you are lazy. If you are lazy though, you will never actually find out, because why go through all the trouble? Its just a bunch of extra work, and why would you want to put yourself through all that for nothing? Its OK, this article is almost over, now roll over and go back to sleep.