How to tell if you are a Verbal Physical or Emotional Abuser

Abusive Relationships
There’s a terrible thing that’s happening everyday.Abusive relationships taking the beauty of togetherness away.A serious and much too often deadly situation; with denial in some cases feeding it,it’ll never take a vacation.Let’s put it under a microscope so no one will pretend they’re confused.We often think physical,but mentally people are abused.Here are some reasons why abuse is happening all the time:it’s a disease trapped in the mind.We can also start from the beginning, when we watched or experienced abuse as a child.Playing with or tapping into someone’s mind,jealousy, betrayal,domination,bullying:fighting someone that you know won’t fight back.Insecurity lies;blaming someone for cheating but actually doing the cheating.The almighty drugs or alcohol:triggering the evil side within you.Insensible to feelings, money problems getting the best of you;some take it out on the closest to you (guess),the one you say you love.Refusing to let go; it’s not over until I say it’s over.Get the point:there are more reasons,but these are just a few.Think about it, your mind is becoming a victim too.Let’s look at the other side of this story,to make matters even worse,some of us refuse to accept our relations is in any way abusive,defending actions, making all sorts of excuses.Others are convincing themselves that love and abuse are one in the same,as if it’s some type of ritual to be performed in love.Hate to wake you, so sorry to disturb you:how can that be love when you’re being beaten and showcasing your blood?One thing you should know:abuse is more lethal than cancer,once infected,you become a real live victim,searching for some or any kind of answer.Understand abuse is a tragic happening in your mind and without some type of assistance,but most importantly self-rehabilitation, it’ll get worse in time.On the real side, there will be victims,unfortunately,some of us refuse to change;just don’t let you be the cause.Counseling always helps,but when it comes right down to it,you have to clean out your system.You have to realize wrong is wrong.Abuse shouldn’t live among us;it should be in a world of its own.Whatever the reason for your actions, don’t let being abusive close you in,when abuse shows its ugly face, no one,I mean no one wins.Abuse can become like any bad habit, making it hard for you to quit,that’s one good reason you should take a real good look at yourself.Understanding you’ve got a real serious problem, but the key is, you’ve got to admit it.