How To Stay Fit In College – 11 Ways

Getting fit is one thing. Staying fit is another! You may be entering into college already shredded and looking to stay that way. Or you are looking to get ripped for those hot spring days. Or you are just trying to get your health on during these great 4 years. So when you are out, you won’t have to worry about what you will look like at the reunion!  Whatever your reason is, we have a list for you showing you how to stay fit in college below! Check it out before your next class!

Joining The School Gym

This is a no brainer. You have access to a free gym on campus. Become a member today if you aren’t already one. This is the best place to get fit in college and do so in front of the hottest chicks in the school! Integrate cardio and heavier compound lifts to really boost your fat burning and muscle building!

Throw in some core work and stabilization exercises to keep that core tight. It will give you better abs and overall strength!

Swapping the Car for A Bike

Now im not saying pick the ladies up on it! Because that would mean it would be your first and last date. Im saying ride it to school, to pick up a bag of groceries. Also to your job if you work and of course to the gym! This will cut out all of your cardio time because you will not have to waste it at the gym when you get there! You can just go straight to the weights!

Avoid Cafeteria Foods!

Avoid them like the plague! Seriously these foods are packed with calories that will go straight to your mid section. Not a good look! Pre-prep your meals if you can so you have one on you when you get a break from class. Eat it then so you won’t have to buy food on campus. It’s cheaper and will keep you in better shape. A great combination!

Look you may not be into reading your books in college. I get it but learn to read your nutritional labels! So if you are going to eat cafeteria food, before doing so turn that item over and read the back first!

Cut Out Weekday Beer

Im all for a good time. You gotta hit a cager every now and them. Just do so on the weekend. Throwing backs beers throughout the week will just add more calories to your diet. Save it for the weekend and reward yourself. Get your ass in the gym later on that day too. Hangover or not, and work those calories off! Also try to drink beer that is lower in calories!

Making the BBQ Your New Roommate

Have weekly cookouts with the boys. Cook up your meats all at once on the bbq. Throw some veggies on there and grill them too. This will make them taste better than boiled veggies. Look it may not look cool, but eating them will make YOU look cool. Shredded as F!

Scout Out Healthy Restaurants

College towns are known for being loaded with fast food restaurants. There is a Taco Bell on one side. Then right across the street there is a McDonalds. Most likely two doors down there is a Starbucks. They prey on the weak my friends! They know its convenient for you to stop in and eat there because it’s quick! This is why you need to get the lay of the land and know where your healthier alternatives are at.

Look going green is cool. Eating better is cool. It looks good to the opposite sex, guaranteed! When you get a lady you’ll take her to a healthier place that the last boyfriend didn’t. Scoring mad points on the first date!

Take A Fitness Elective

Most CSU’s will max out at 4 total PE credits. Most of these courses are 0.5 units. Add one in to your schedule! If you are a morning person, then rise and grind and get fit starting out your day! If your not a morning person, then well may you can become one with one of these classes!

This will give you credits and keep you in better shape! Allowing you to stay fit in college and graduate fit as well! Looking swole and fit in that gown, with arm muscles that allow you to toss your graduation cap and tassel higher than anyone else!

Get Your Roommates/Dormmates Involved

Accountability is key when it comes to staying fit. This is where your crew comes into play. Have goal to be the most ripped house on campus. Build a reputation for it. Bodies that are envied across campus!

If you don’t have a crew, build one at the gym. Talk to dudes/chicks while you are lifting. Offer a spot. Talk PR’s. You can find the best accountability partners in the gym. Find one or a couple that you train with frequently.

Workout With Someone MORE Fit Than You

No matter what grade your in at college, work out with someone that is where YOU want to be or at least close to it. This will create more of a drive to keep up with this specific workout buddy. Its just human nature! We want to beat the other person. Even if you aren’t beating them, you are putting in more effort to do than you would be if you were lifting with someone with similar fitness status.

Mapping Out a Gym/Exercise Plan

Now yeah the gym is a great place to stay in shape at college. But you can exercise at other places. Just make sure you are scheduling those times in and stick to it. It takes 21 days to engrain a habit. Workout at the same time on the same days for 21 days. Chances are you will stick to this plan long term.

Going By How Your Clothes Fit Instead of The Scale Weight

Throughout trying to stay fit at college, a tip I love to give is to not becoming a worshiper of the results the scale spits out. Numbers are just that. You have to go off of how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. Forget trying to weigh a certain amount. Staying fit means just that. Fit not weight obsessive!

There it is my friends. A map on how to stay fit in college! I hope it helped you on keeping your body tight during these good years. Let me know what you think in the comment section below and if you have anything to add! To a fit semester!