How to Remove raccoons With Homemade Repellent

Raccoon is a cute looking animal. It is medium in size. Their length varies from two to three feet. Raccoons have an excellent looking grey far and black round masks around their eyes. It lives in burrows made in hollow tree or in bushes. In the city areas it lives under the portico or decks or in attic. Being a nocturnal animal it comes out at night and looks for food. In the locality they spill garbage drums and damage the furniture including the patios, decks etc. rabies and raccoon roundworms are two dangerous diseases spread by them.

As they can climb up quickly and have an outstanding memory, it is not an easy thing to remove raccoons from your house. They are not easily frightened. So, chasing will do no good. However, the use of homemade raccoon repellent is a perfect remedy to stop their destructive activities. A common repellent can be made by boiling Tabasco brand sauce and adding some flakes of chili, sticky dish detergent used in washing, cayenne pepper and a gallon water with it. All the ingredients are cheap and environment—friendly. After the preparation is done, spray that anywhere where you don’t want raccoons.

Another raccoon repellent home remedy is to use substances having toxic odors of high degree. As ammonia has a strong smell which is pungent enough to irritate the raccoons, you can use that as raccoon repellent home remedy. Raccoons have very sensitive noses, lungs and eyes. So they can not stand those odors. You just need to take a piece of cloth and soak it deeply in ammonia and keep that in the trash cans, garbage drums or inside the chimney. Remember that there should not be any air to carry the smell out making it highly toxic.