How to Overcome Fear

Are you ready to fight your fears?

This can the beginning of a new life for you and you have already taken the first step forward and upward at this very moment…

If you have the urge to sing, to write, to paint, to travel, to make things or to learn something entirely new to you, go ahead and do it-now. Ask me how!

A new beginning!

It is in your awareness that there are disturbing factors in your present emotional make-up. It is in your desire to look for the contributory causes and try to eliminate them. It is in your reading these lines and in your willingness to follow through in the projected thirty-day plan. It is in your readiness to study, to learn and to use the ideas suggested to the best of your ability.

You are the most amazing and mystifying combination of complicated, interrelated systems of communications, transportation, transformation, operation, circulation, coordination, elimination and various processing plants ever brought together into one organism.

Within you, visible and invisible to the eye, are literally dozens of automatic independent, self-managing, self-cooperating, self-regenerating units working silently, smoothly, efficiently together to keep you in perfect condition. Each unit is entrusted with certain chores. Each has its specific, separate, distinct, particular tasks, limits, purposes and areas of operation. Yet they are so delicately attuned one to the other, so smoothly dovetailed in their overlapping activities, so perfectly coordinated in their respective fields in an incessant round-the-clock lifetime activity as to defy human duplication.


You MAY DENY IT even to yourself but your views, ideas, sentiments, beliefs, opinions and conclusions are influenced by what you were and what you are.

In a sense, you are the product of your background, your experiences and your environment. Some of it has been forced upon you and the rest is of your own making.

This influence began in your infancy and has been at work ever since. It formed your likes and dislikes, molded your thoughts, engendered your beliefs, fostered your conclusions, affected your actions and conditioned your responses.

It began with your parents and the members of your family, with your father’s occupation and his love or hatred for it, with his contacts and affiliations at work and elsewhere, with his character and educational background, with your home surroundings and your mother’s homemaking, with your family’s status in the neighborhood and the community, with your parents’ social and religious contacts, with what was said or discussed in your presence and with what you were encouraged to do or not to do.

All of these had a tremendous influence in shaping your character, in forming your concepts and in establishing your mode of general behavior.

Later came your school years, your teachers and classmates, the friends you made, the work or profession you chose, the interests you developed, the mate you selected, the family you raised, the standing you maintained.

You were affected by the successes and failures you had, the disappointments you met, the grievances you nurtured, the social contacts you cultivated and the leisure time activities you followed. These became the background and the pattern for your habitual reactions and in turn conditioned your beliefs and convictions.

This is true of you and of all of us. As a result of such beliefs, feelings and convictions, many of us are opinionated and even prejudiced.

Our minds are closed to changes or to the slightest deviations from what we believe in and from what we approve. On the other hand, there are those among us who remain tolerant and open-minded, who leave room for a divergence in belief and opinion, who make allowances for and accept differences in views, in concepts, in behavior and in conclusions.

Where do you stand? To what group do you belong? Test yourself. The following two sets of questions honestly answered, although not inclusive, will tell you many things about yourself.

Their sequence is not an indication of their value or importance. They are intended for your private, personal use. Do not glide over them or give pat answers. Be as honest and as conscientious as you can. Put your answers down on paper and do not justify them.

Are you ready to fight your fears? Ask me how!